Secret And Patter To Prepare

This illusion is best presented on a stage, but it is also good for parlor use, providing there is a door well placed to make a get-away.

In performing on a stage, the arrangement must be taken into consideration to determine whether it is best for assistants to change places by means of a door at center back or by a side door or by the wings.

Figure 2 shows a stage arrangement with open door at center back. Figure 3 shows a stage set with wings.

First, I shall explain the method of working when the center door is used. In stage directions right and left are given as the performer faces audience.

Place a chair at rear of stage with crown on the seat. Blanket may be hung over back of chair or in some other convenient place.

The old man's wig, beard, cane, and clothes are offstage at the right so that man assistant can don them quickly at the proper moment.

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