Secret And Patter To Prepare

Talk half of a deck of cards. With a sharp pen-knife, cut out the central portion of one card as shown in Figure 13.

Using this card as a guide, cut out the central portions of 23 more cards. Square up the 24 prepared cards and you will have a packet with a uniform rectangular hole running through them. Figure 14.

On "Top" of these prepared cards place the Queen of Diamonds and on the "Bottom" place the King of Hearts. (You may use any other cards, just so you remember them as key cards. I merely suggest using the Queen and King.) Then place these cards on "Top" of rest of pack. Figure 15.

Take the cardboard case which cards came in and cut a rectangular hole in the back of box, about an inch wide and about an inch and a half in height. This hole should be so placed that when flap of box is pulled back it is completely covered. If necessary slit down the back cover of box about half an inch on each side to permit flap to go back farther. Figures 16 and 17. Usually, however, the box is already slit on each side.

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