Secret And Patter To Prepare

Fold the silk flag over in two as Figure 19.

Fold in half again as in Figure 20. It important in folding to keep the corners and B together and on the outside.

Fold flag over again as in Figure 21.

Fold bottom up behind flag, about one-third of the length -- then up again to bring fold even with top edges of flag. Corners A and B are together and outside, Figure 22.

Raise the lower left side of your vest and place the folded flag against your body with the blue side inward and the red side outward. Allow vest to fall down to cover flag completely. You will find that vest is tight enough to hold folded flag safely until needed, Figure 23.

Have the red, the white, and the blue silks lying on the table. If you first perform the dye tube effect, pick up the red and blue silks and take an extra white one.

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