Secret And Patter To Prepare

Take one of the decks and remove the following cards:

Queen of Hearts

Ten of Hearts

Ten of Diamonds

Seven of Spades

And Seven Indifferent Cards.

Take one of the indifferent cards, say, the King of Spades. Cut a small slit in upper edge A of the card, about one-fourth inch deep. Insert an end of silk thread into this slit, allowing about one-fourth inch to hang down on face of card. Figure 23.

Let thread come down over back of card, then place the Queen of Hearts on "Top" of it. Pull thread up over back of Queen exactly half way between the ends. On Queen and the thread place an indifferent card. Pull thread over back of this card. Now place the Ten of Hearts on "Top" and pull thread up again. Continue the threading of the cards, placing the Ten of Diamonds next, then an indifferent card, then the Seven of Spades, and finally two indifferent cards. Place the seventh indifferent card on the "Bottom" of the deck. Figure 24 shows you the set-up. All the cards must face the same way.

You can readily understand that if the thread is pulled the Seven of Spades will be pulled up as the back two cards act as a fulcrum.

Figure 25 shows the arrangement of your table. The staple is driven in at the back end. To this the free end of the thread is tied. Determine the length of your thread by holding the cards about 18 inches above the table and about a foot in front of you. With cards in this position, the thread should be taut. Place prepared cards at front of table, faces up. In front of cards place a handkerchief to screen them from audience. Arrange thread carefully on table so that it will not get tangled or caught in anything. Place glass tumbler near cards at front of table and wooden hoop on opposite side and farther back.

On the other deck of cards place the Queen of Hearts, the Ten of Hearts, and the Seven of Spades. Arrange these in reverse order with the Seven of Spades on "Top" in preparation for FORCING.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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