Secret And Patter To Prepare

Make a small bag of the white piece of cloth. This must be large enough to hold the egg shell.

Fold the cloth over in two to make the bag about 3-1/4 inches long. Sew the two edges together as shown in Figure 1. Then trim off the edges close to the seam. Fold the top edges down all around about three-eighths of an inch, insert the white string under the fold, and sew this fold down. Tie a knot in the ends of the string close to the bag. Figure 2.

Turn bag inside out. Take the pin and bend the end of it over about three-eighths of an inch. Run it through top edge of one side of bag, pushing it up until head is close to bag on inside and little hook extends up. Figure 3. Place empty egg shell inside the bag and draw the string tight to close bag and keep fragments of shell, when it is broken, from falling out. Tuck loose ends of string into inside of bag. Figure 4.

Take bag and insert point of pin into upper edge of upper left vest pocket. Figure 5.

Your coat covers bag completely and no one is aware, of course, that you have this arrangement of the bag under it.

Have handkerchief and whole egg in some convenient place, and you are ready for the experiment.

To Perform:

Come forward with egg and handkerchief.

"You have no doubt, heard of the famous egg called Humpty Dumpty. 'Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.' Well, this is one of his descendants."

Show the egg, and hand it to a spectator.

"Would you mind, sir, holding Humpty Junior?"

Turn to another spectator and give him the handkerchief.

"And would you mind giving this handkerchief the once over? I think you will agree that there is enough material to make Humpty a nice wedding dress in case he ever needed one."

Take handkerchief from gentleman and hold it in left hand as shown in Figure 6. THE WAY YOU GRIP THE HANDKERCHIEF IS VERY IMPORTANT. Hold it against base of thumb with second, third, and fourth fingers gripping it tight on under side. Top edge is gripped between index finger on under side and thumb on top. Handkerchief must be drawn taut between the two grips.

To spectator holding egg:

"Will you please come up with me here and act as guardian over the egg?"

Turn your back to the audience and walk towards your stage or place where you are performing. The moment your back is turned, reach inside of coat with right hand. Grasp head of pin on bag firmly between tips of thumb and first finger. Remove bag from vest. Figure 7.

Bring left hand with handkerchief in front of you and quickly pin the bag to handkerchief. Insert pin about four inches from upper corner of handkerchief. It is easy to do this if you hold handkerchief taut in your left hand. Perform this move of attaching bag very quickly. Figure 8.

Extend left arm a little toward left so that audience sees handkerchief and back of left hand. They cannot see bag with egg shell as it is on palm side of hand. Figure 9.

Now you have reached the place where you are going to perform and turn left to face your audience. Be careful not to expose bag as you turn. Gradually in making your turn, bring your left hand in front of you with back of it toward audience. Figure 10.

To all appearances you merely took the handkerchief from the spectator who examined it, went back to the stage, and then turned around to start the experiment.

The spectator holding the egg has followed you. Have him stand to your right and a little forward so that he cannot see the bag on the back of the handkerchief. Keep the handkerchief near your body to screen bag.

"I shall ask you, sir, to stand right there."

Take upper corner A between your teeth. Hold out the two side corners B and C with your right and left hands. This is done to show the handkerchief empty without saying that it is. The little bag is, of course, concealed behind the handkerchief. Figure 11, next page.

Bring corners B and C up with each hand to corner A. Grasp corner A with left forefinger and thumb. Figure 12.

Remove corner from mouth, holding the three corners A, B, and C with thumb and first two fingers of left hand. Grasp corner D with right hand. Hold handkerchief as shown in Figure 13.

Ask assistant to place egg in the handkerchief as shown in illustration.

"You are quite certain, sir, that you have an egg? All right. Then place the egg in the handkerchief."

After assistant has done this, bring up corner D and place it with the other three corners. Grasp it in left hand as in Figure 14. This illustration also shows position of the bag containing the egg shell and the whole egg.

Place right hand around center of handkerchief which is hanging down and the egg in it. This brings egg into palm of right hand and thumb of right hand behind egg shell. Figure 15.

With right thumb push the egg shell in the bag upwards. Be careful to conceal whole egg in right hand by turning back of hand to audience. The effect is that you are merely grasping one end of the handkerchief with your right hand and the other end with your left, and that the egg is brought up under the handkerchief between your hands. Figure 16.

CUELL ^Pec iftlLJ,^

CUELL ^Pec iftlLJ,^

"Will you please feel it now and see that the egg is safe within the handkerchief?"

Have assistant feel the egg. He believes, of course, that he is feeling the egg which he placed there. The audience, too, believes this.

"Please break the egg. You needn't have any fear of the consequence. It is wrapped in the handkerchief, and as it's my handkerchief, all is well. So just go ahead and break."

Have assistant grasp egg shell and break it. The crushing of the shell is heard by the assistant and the audience so that they do not doubt that the egg has been broken. Figure 17.

"There certainly isn't any doubt about your breaking the egg."

Drop handkerchief again to position shown in Figure 15. Then release hold with right hand and hold handkerchief as in Figure 14. Now open corner D a little with right hand.

"Will you please reach inside the handkerchief and take out the egg? You would, no doubt, like to have it as a souvenir for this momentous occasion of our little tete-a-tete."

This gets a laugh from audience as they think egg is broken and a mess inside the handkerchief. Assistant, too, usually hesitates about reaching in.

"Of course, you remember that old Humpty Dumpty fell off a wall and all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again. Personally, I don't see what horses had to do with it~unless it was a horse on the king, as we commonly say."

Assistant reaches into handkerchief and, to his surprise and the surprise of everyone, removes the egg whole.

"However, Humpty Junior is different. He lives in this more modern age of flippers and flappers, so a mere squashing means nothing in his young life. He just pulls himself together again. I believe you will find the egg fully restored."

As you say this, hold corner A with thumb and first finger of left hand and corner B with right hand. Pull hands apart, allowing corner C to drop down. Be sure to have little bag at back of handkerchief. Hold handkerchief spread out before audience to show it empty. Figure 18 shows view nearest to performer and away from audience.

Fold up handkerchief with bag concealed inside and place it aside or in pocket.

"I know, sir, that you will find this experiment very useful should you order scrambled eggs and then suddenly decide that you want them soft boiled."

If you desire, you may break egg into a saucer to prove that it is a real egg. Or you may just put egg aside and start with another trick, or you may use this egg for the next experiment with the egg bag.

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