Secret And Patter To Prepare

Get a yard of percale and make up a few of these bands. Percale comes in yard width. One yard will make nine bands. The material tears crosswise very easily and you will find no difficulty in tearing it into four-inch bands.

Take one four-inch band. With a pair of sharp scissors cut a slit two and a half inches long in one end and one inch long in the other. Figure 1.

Bring the two ends of the band together. Take lower left-hand end of strip and give it a half twist. Sew it to upper left-hand strip with white thread. By doing this, you bring the inside of the cloth at one end against the outside of the cloth at the other end. Figure 2, next page.

Take the lower right-hand end and give it a whole twist. Sew this end to the upper right-hand end with black thread. This whole twist brings the outside of the cloth right back again to outside of the upper end. Figure 3.

Through each of the two sewed sections of the band cut a slit about two and a half inches long. Figure 4. Fold up the band with faked ends inside. Have ready on table.

To Perform:

Pick up folded band from table and hold it in left hand.

"It is said that King Solomon was a very wise man -- so wise that he was able to keep peace among one thousand wives. Men in this day and age wonder how in the world he did it. I have discovered the secret — not from King Solomon himself for I never knew the gentleman personally — but in a roundabout way from a friend whose great great grandfather's great great grandfather's great great grandfather was personal magician to the King and thus he got the inside information. It seems that the King knew how to pick 'em. Before he married each time of the thousand times, he brought out his magic marriage band."

Unfold the band, taking care to keep the prepared side at the back and away from the audience. Hold band over left hand as in Figure 5.

Figure 6 shows front view. Band appears to be ordinary to the audience.

"This is one of them — a strip of red cloth made in the shape of a circle. He would tear the circle apart."

Grasp band through large slit in middle, one hand holding each side of the band. Pull sideways in opposite directions, tearing the band until it is torn through into two separate bands. Figure 7.

Hold one band in each hand with prepared joining covered by palms of hands. Figure 8.

"And when it tore into two separate rings, he knew that the young lady before him was not in harmony with him and that their lives were too far apart."

Figure 6 shows front view. Band appears to be ordinary to the audience.

Let the ring that is sewed with white thread hang over your left arm and take the ring that is sewed with black thread in your right hand.

"Perhaps the band, however, when it was torn formed two bands, one linked in the other."

Insert fingers of both hands into slit in this band and pull apart until band is torn all the way around. The result will be one band linked in another, caused by the half twist which you made in joining the band. Figure 9.

"This was better — while they moved in separate circles. they were linked together in other respects."

Drop linked bands on table. Take other band from left arm and put fingers in slit in readiness for tearing.

"Then came the real test."

Tear band all the way around. The result will be one large band instead of the two that one would expect; caused by the whole twist which you made when joining this band. Figure 10.

"He tore the band again and it became one large band. He knew then that the young lady and he were in harmony and were joined together as one. So they were married and lived happily together ever after."

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