Secret And Patter To Prepare

Select a card which you intend to use in the effect -- say, the Queen of Hearts. Remove this card from both decks. You may then put one deck aside as you will not need it again.

The Card:

Take one of the Queens and tear a corner carefully from the card. Figure 5.

Place this corner in your lower right-hand vest pocket or some other place which you can get at easily. Do not carry it around too long for it may get soiled and mussed in your pocket.

Roll the card up as tightly as possible. Figure 6. The Orange:

Take your orange and carefully remove the little pip at its top. Figure 7, next page.

Push the pencil into the orange where the pip was, making a hole the depth of the card. Be very careful not to break the skin of the orange any more than necessary while inserting the pencil. Figure 8.

Remove the pencil and into the hole push the rolled up Queen well into the orange so that it does not show.

There is just a little star-shaped opening which will press together easily. Figure 9.

Drop a bit of glue into the opening in the orange and then replace the little pip. Let it dry thoroughly. If this is done properly the keenest eye cannot detect that the orange has been tampered with. Figure 10.

It is surprising how little the skin need be disturbed to get a tightly rolled card into an orange. If there are any slits in the skin caused by pushing the card in, the pip will cover them.

The Torn Card Handkerchief:

Take any card from the deck you have placed aside and tear it into eight pieces. Sew these pieces into one corner of a heavy white handkerchief, using another piece of white cloth to cover them and form a pocket. Sew all around the edges of this little pocket so that there is no danger of pieces of the card falling out. Figure 11.

Place the handkerchief in your pocket or have it nearby ready for the effect.

Place the other QUEEN OF HEARTS on top of the deck of cards from which the first Queen was removed ~ and you are ready.

To Perform:

Corner of card is in lower right-hand vest pocket, handkerchief in coat or trousers' pocket, and deck of cards, knife, and orange on table nearby.

Pick up the orange.

"I will ask you, sir, to hold this orange for me. You might just look it over carefully to see that it is an orange and pass it around to a friend or two who might like to see it at close view. Please don't eat it — at least, not just yet. After such a critical examination which you have

given it, you might hold it up so that the audience can watch it all the time."

Pick up deck of cards and remove from case. You may give them a riffle shuffle, but be sure to allow the Queen to remain on top. (False Shuffle) Practice riffle shuffling in your hands without laying the cards down on anything. Or hold the cards against right thigh while riffling. You may also use an ordinary shuffle without disturbing the Queen.

Insert your little finger about halfway down the pack, and do the REGULAR PASS, thus bringing the Queen to the middle of the deck. Keep two sections of deck JOGGED so that you can easily keep track of the Queen.

"And you, Madam, will you just select any one of these cards."


"Show it to a friend or two and remember it. Better yet, tear the card in two."

Turn slightly to right and place deck on table with left hand. At same time, reach into vest pocket with right hand and remove the corner of card which you have there. Finger palm it (Lesson 1)

"Place the two pieces together and tear in half again. Place them all together and tear again."

The card is now in eight pieces.

"I will take the pieces."

Take pieces with left hand and place them on left palm. With right hand spread pieces out and then let the corner of card which you have finger palmed drop onto palm with other pieces. Then hold right hand up a little so that audience can see empty palm.

"Remember your card. To be sure that you will remember it, perhaps you had better keep a piece of the card."

Finger two or three pieces of the card and then pick up the torn corner that you placed in your palm. Make it appear, of course, that it doesn't make any difference which piece you pick up. Figure 12.

"This will be fine. Just keep this corner. It has the index of the Queen of Hearts."

Give corner to spectator who selected card. She thinks that it is a corner of the card she tore up and is not aware that it is a corner of another Queen of Hearts.

Transfer pieces to right hand, holding them close together with tips of right fingers. Figure 13.

Pick up prepared handkerchief with left hand.

"For the time being, I will just place the pieces of the card in this handkerchief and give them to this gentleman to hold."

Spread the handkerchief over your left palm. Keep the faked corner nearest you and hidden from audience. Place the pieces of the card in center of handkerchief and grip them tightly through the handkerchief with the thumb and fingers of left hand. Figure 14, next page.


Pick up the fake corner between the third and fourth fingers of right hand and bring it up in back of and

just a little below the torn pieces. Grasp torn pieces between the thumb and first and second fingers of right hand. Figure 15.

With left hand throw handkerchief completely over right hand. It appears to the audience that you have merely taken torn pieces in right finger tips and have thrown the handkerchief over them.

With left fingers take hold of the pieces in the fake corner of handkerchief through the handkerchief. Figure 16.

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