Secret And Patter To Perform

Have spectator mark blue envelope and the ribbon with the pencil -- any mark by which he can identify them.

Show envelope empty, then permit spectator to examine it and seal it. Hold envelope high so that it can be seen at all times and place it standing against some object on table.

Show pink envelope and ribbon in left hand. In the meantime, place right hand in pocket and get Thumb Tip on right thumb while you are talking.

"There is one thing which I wish someone would explain. Why is it that if I Place a red ribbon in a pink envelope ... "

Bring pink envelope in left hand into position shown in Figure 37. Take ribbon in right hand. Be sure to keep Thumb Tip screened behind ribbon and fingers of right hand.

Put thumb and fingers of right hand with ribbon into envelope. Turn to right and hold hands up at right side, so that back of envelope is more toward audience and all can see you tucking ribbon apparently into envelope. Hold Tip in envelope by pressure of left thumb and fingers outside. Remove right thumb from Tip and poke ribbon into it, Figure 38.

Be sure to get all of the ribbon nicely tucked into the Tip. On the last poke, insert your right thumb in Tip again. Bring envelope around so that front of it faces audience again.

Remove Thumb Tip from envelope, carrying it away on right thumb. Show right hand empty by pointing thumb toward audience.

Hold envelope in horizontal position in front of you, bringing right thumb with Tip back of it. Moisten flap and seal envelope, Figure 40.

Show envelope on both sides, then show hands empty with fingers spread wide apart.

"And tear up the envelope ..."

Finger Palm Thumb Tip in right hand.

Tear envelope in half and then into a number of small pieces. Drop pieces on table or let them flutter down onto the floor.

"The ribbon will vanish?"

Insert right thumb into Tip again.

Pick up blue envelope with left hand and show both sides.

"But if I take the blue envelope that the gentleman found empty and then sealed — and tear off the top ..."

Finger Palm Tip again.

Tear off top end of blue envelope, Figure 41.

Replace Tip on right thumb. Show right hand empty. Open end of envelope by bulging it a little with left hand and by inserting fingers and thumb of right, Figure 42.

"And then open up the envelope with the thumb and forefinger of my empty right hand — and reach well within the envelope ..."

Grasp Tip with thumb and fingers of left hand outside of envelope. Slip right thumb from the Tip, grasping ribbon with thumb and first finger. Draw ribbon slowly out of envelope, Figure 43.

"We find the Red Ribbon in this Blue Envelope. And it is the SAME ribbon, for here is the mark which the gentleman put on it. Would you be kind enough, sir, to identify the ribbon?"

Pass ribbon to spectator for identification.

Now to dispose of the evidence: You may crush up the envelope with the Tip inside and place it on table. Or if you want to pass the envelope out for examination, transfer envelope from left to right hand, bringing right thumb into the Tip inside as you do so. Then hand the envelope to spectator and carry Tip away and place in pocket. Figure 44.

NOTE:—A similar effect is produced in this manner: Show both lower vest pockets empty. Then tuck ribbon supposedly into left pocket, but really into the Thumb Tip -- just as you did with the envelope. Now show left vest pocket empty and produce ribbon from the right vest pocket. You may permit spectators to examine pockets before the experiment.

Just think! In this lesson you learn the very same effect which the great HOUDINI featured on his programs!--

1 -- The Famous Needle Trick. A package of needles is swallowed with a length of thread. You then reach into your mouth and bring out all the needles strung on the thread. This is the effect Houdini made famous!

2 -- A Thimble Act. Manipulation of thimbles and interesting effects using them.

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