Secret And Patter To Perform

If you use this effect after THE CARDS THAT PASS IN THE NIGHT, you may start with this patter:

"Perhaps you would like to know just how I cause the cards to travel in the darkness. I will explain it to you in the light. First, you must have twelve cards."

Count off twelve cards from deck, calling the number of each one distinctly so that audience will be sure that twelve have been counted. Hold faces of cards to audience so that spectators see them and can perhaps remember a few.

Place rest of deck on table. Transfer the twelve cards from right to left hand.

"We have twelve cards."

Fan the cards with faces toward audience, using both hands in doing it. Close fan and insert little finger of left hand to separate top three cards. See Figures 2 and 3 of this lesson for method of doing this:

Stand with right side turned a little toward audience. Extend left hand out, holding backs of cards toward audience.

If you are performing on a stage you may call up a spectator to assist you. If you are performing in a parlor you may have a spectator remain seated while reaching into your pocket.

"Will you, sir, please reach into my right trousers' pocket to see that my pocket is empty and that all is fair?"

Spectator reaches into pocket and convinces himself and the audience that pocket is empty.

While spectator is reaching into pocket, turn your right side toward audience. Figure 18.

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