Secret And Patter To Perform

Have thumb tacks, envelope, frame, and butcher knife handy.

Pick up frame.

"This was suggested by experiments worked out in the art galleries of France. It is, therefore, necessary for me to construct an imitation oil painting. This wooden frame will answer the purpose of the frame of the picture, but we also need a canvas. For this purpose, I should like to borrow a lady's handkerchief."

Borrow a handkerchief which will fit over frame. Come back to table, keeping handkerchief in sight of audience all the time.

"Naturally, canvases are tacked on frames. We will have a short delay now while I tack this handkerchief on this wooden frame."

Tack handkerchief to the frame by the four corners, placing two tacks on the sliding bar A and two at the opposite end. See Figure 54.

Hold up the frame and handkerchief so that spectators can see them.

"It looks like the beginning of a beautiful painting. Now in the art galleries special bags were constructed to fit each painting. Would you mind, sir, opening this bag and examining the inside to see that nothing is hidden, such as a can of paint or a few brushes? You find nothing, sir, nothing but the inside of the bag."

As you say this, give paper envelope to spectator and take it back after he has examined it.

"Every evening the paintings are placed in these paper bags."

Place the frame with the handkerchief in the envelope so that audience can see it go in. Be sure that bar A is at top. When frame is about two-thirds of the way in, turn handkerchief side toward yourself and continue pushing frame into envelope, Figure 58.

The moment bottom edge of frame touches bottom of envelope, push bar A down a few inches with right thumb, Figure 59.

Bring bottom of envelope down, allowing bar A of frame to slide to bottom of frame. Close flap of envelope.

Pick up the butcher knife and strike all four sides of the frame to prove that it is in the envelope, Figure 60, next page.

"All's well within."

Hold envelope and frame in left hand and knife in right.

"The reason for it all is this. It seems that for some reason or other many fine paintings in the galleries were being destroyed. The paintings were often found slashed to shreds. Whether it was the work of jealous artists or vandals was not fully established. However, the damage was done. Why, it was nothing to have someone push a butcher knife right through a canvas."

As you say the last sentence, quickly run the end of the knife through the envelope a little above the center from the rear to the front, Figure 61.

As you say the last sentence, quickly run the end of the knife through the envelope a little above the center from the rear to the front, Figure 61.

Show knife sticking through both sides of envelope. This gets a good laugh for audience thinks the handkerchief has been cut, Figure 62.

"Sometimes there were many slashes in the canvas."

Remove knife and run it through envelope at several safe places.

At this stage, you can push a cane through one of the holes or push a silk handkerchief through a hole, pulling it out the opposite side, Figure 63.

"You do not mind, madam, if I make holes in your handkerchief for the sake of the cause. The laundry would do it eventually anyhow."

Place knife, cane, and handkerchief aside on table.

Open paper envelope and turn it with opening downward so that sliding bar will fall toward top of frame. When it is within reach, grasp it with right hand and pull it into place, thus stretching handkerchief over frame again, Figure 64.

"Well, when these magic bags were discovered and the pictures placed in them, the boys could slash all they wanted to.

Remove frame from bag and show handkerchief unharmed, see Figure 65.

"For, strange to say, the pictures were unharmed."

Remove the tacks and lay tacks and frame on table. Take

handkerchief back to lady from whom you borrowed it. Roll it up in your hands and pretend to place it in your left hand, keeping it concealed in right. Reach over with left hand and pretend to give handkerchief to lady. The spectators laugh when they see that handkerchief has vanished.

"Oh, pardon me, the gentleman here has it."

As you say this, reach inside gentleman's coat and produce handkerchief with right hand, unwinding handkerchief as you pull it out. Return the handkerchief.

"Bags like the one I used could be worn over the stockings and would save considerable darning." SUGGESTION:

When working with children, a funny effect may be obtained in this way: Give bag with frame inside to youngster to hold horizontally. Place butcher knife in his right hand and have him hold it point downward over center of bag. Tell him to drop it when you count three. You count three and he drops knife, causing it to fall through paper to the handle. You look surprised and say, "Pardon me, I meant for you to drop the envelope, not the knife." Then continue effect.

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