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Borrow a handkerchief and place it over your left arm. Pick up deck of cards. Figure 25.

Have three spectators select cards, remember them, and have them returned to pack. You, of course, keep track of these cards with your little finger. After each card is returned you supposedly place the two sections of deck together again, but in reality you keep them separated with little finger, so that each time you open deck at same place.

Thus when first card is returned, you divide deck into two sections and have selected card placed on top of lower section. You pretend to close up pack, but really keep little finger inserted over first selected card. Then you open deck again at same place and receive second selected card on top of first one. Then insert little finger over second selected card and pretend to close deck. Again open deck at same place and have third selected card placed on top of other two. Insert little finger above third selected card, and pretend to close deck up. Audience is not aware that you have opened deck at same place each time. It appears that you have closed the deck after receiving each card and that consequently these cards are lost in the deck.

Now perform the SIMPLIFIED PASS bringing the three selected cards to top of pack.

Fan pack slightly and insert little finger of left hand under three top cards in preparation for Palming. Square cards again.

Pass right hand over deck in left hand and PALM the three selected cards in right hand. Give the deck in left hand to someone to shuffle. Figure 26.

"Give these cards your favorite shuffle."

With right hand containing palmed cards, grasp corner of handkerchief and pull it from left arm. Figure 27.

Grasp upper edge of front card with first finger and thumb shown in Figure 28. You will have no difficulty in holding corner of handkerchief with cards palmed in right hand. This helps to remove any suspicion from minds of audience that you have anything in right hand. Audience believes that you could not use hand so freely if you had something concealed in it. Figure 28, next page.

Drop handkerchief from right hand and instantly move right hand up under handkerchief so that it is covered. Figure 29, next page.

"I shall take the pack of cards and wrap it in the gentleman's handkerchief.

Take the deck and place it on the handkerchief, directly over the palmed cards which are in right hand under handkerchief. Square deck and palmed cards even. Figure 30.

Take hold of lower front corner of handkerchief and bring it up over the cards. Figure 31.

With left hand fold left side of handkerchief under around the three selected cards, making the same kind of fold as you did in Figure 21. Figure 32.

While doing this, spread the three selected cards upward with right hand. Thumb of right hand is in front of handkerchief, holding deck of cards and handkerchief. Left hand holds Card 1 tight against handkerchief and right hand spreads Cards 2 and 3 apart. Figure 33.

Then hold cards in place with left hand while you fold back right side of handkerchief with right hand, as you did in Figure 22, Figure 34.

Now hold handkerchief by the edges as shown in Figure 35. The two upper selected cards are gripped by

right fingers and thumb.

"It is said that nothing is really solid -- that the solid bodies are in reality made up of atoms, each surrounded by space. Knowing this fact has proved very helpful in getting out of many a difficulty. It makes it possible to go through apparently solid objects with practically no trouble at all. Even this handkerchief is really a series of holes held together by thread. Let me shake it a bit. The atoms then separate, and anything inside can penetrate through."

Begin to shake handkerchief slightly, loosening your selected card to slip down slowly, giving the effect of coming through the handkerchief. Figure 36.

"The first gentleman who selected a card. What was it? The Five of Hearts. Come on Five of Hearts. See, it walks right through."

Let the card flutter to the floor, or take it when it is almost out of the handkerchief and drop it on table.

"The name of the next card, please. The King of Clubs? All right. King of Clubs, come right into sight."

Shake handkerchief and, as you do so, release your grip on the lower card of the two selected ones left. It will drop down and gradually work its way out.

"The name of the third card? The Seven of Spades."

Turn handkerchief around carelessly to show the rear so that audience can see that there are no cards there. The position of the card and the folds of the handkerchief, of course, conceal the card. It looks as though the deck were wrapped in the handkerchief completely. This puzzles even the initiated for they know only the old method and believe the card to be visible at the rear.

Turn handkerchief back again to former position with folds of handkerchief at back. Shake handkerchief and release hold on card. It, too, gradually slips down into sight.

Take card when almost released, or let it flutter to floor.

"And the remainder of the pack."

Open up handkerchief and show deck of cards.

"Still in the handkerchief. And the handkercliief-iust the same as usual."

Show handkerchief both sides as in Figure 28.

Place cards aside and return handkerchief.

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