Secret And Patter To Perform

Take one of the rubber bands, double it, and place it around the first and second fingers of your right hand. Figure 13.

"Yesterday afternoon when I was in China I saw a very funny effect with a rubber band. A Chinaman took a rubber band and placed it around his fingers just as I have done here."

Show right hand, both sides.

"Then he took another band and wrapped it around all his fingers so that the other rubber band could not get away."

Twist a second band around all fingers of right hand between first and second joints, as you did in THE PENETRATING RING effect. Show both sides of hand.

"Quite a clever Chinaman."

Hold right hand in front of you, back of it to audience. Slip index and second fingers of left hand under band A and pull out about an inch or two from right hand. Figure 14. This is screened by hand.

Then close right hand and as you do so push all four fingers of right hand through band A. This brings band A into this position: It is around first and second fingers of right hand below the other rubber band. There is a twist in the band coming up between your second and third fingers. Then the band is around your third and fourth fingers above the other rubber band. Figure 15. Remove left hand.

Back of your hand is toward audience, and your hand is closed for only a second so that audience cannot see the move you make here. You are working from the inside of your palm so that audience sees the rubber bands still in position on the back of your hand. Figure 16.

"Then he closed his hand and said, 'Hi-Diddle-Diddle,' and would you believe it . . . "

Open hand suddenly, stretching out first the first and second fingers. The rubber band jumps down onto the third and fourth fingers below the first band.

Open hand wide and show it on both sides. Figure 17.

"The rubber band jumped down onto the two other fingers."

With back of hand to audience again, slip thumb of right hand under band A. Pull band away from hand. Figure 18.

Close fingers again so that all four fingers go through loop. Figure 19.

Then remove thumb and let band A rest on finger tips.

"Then he closed his hand again and said, 'Eenie-Meenie-Miney-Mo . . . '."

Open hand far enough to permit band to jump back to first and second


"And up jumped the rubber band again to the top of two fingers. Now, for the benefit of those who do not understand this, I will explain it—in Chinese."

Repeat first move of pulling band away from hand with two fingers of left hand. Close right hand, get fingers into loop, and remove left fingers.

"All he had to do when the band was on the top fingers was to say, 'Parlay voo Fransay?' ..."

Let band fly to lower two fingers.

"And down she goes. Then he would say, 'Sprechen Sie Deutsch?' ..."

Place thumb under band A, as explained previously. Lift band away from hand, close hand, place fingers in loop, remove thumb. Open fingers slightly and band flies to upper two fingers again.

"And up goes the band again."

Show hands, both sides.

"Rather a foolish explanation, but good."

Remove bands from hand.

Performer's two thumbs are securely bound with a heavy rubber band. Yet in spite of this, he passes hoops onto his arms and passes his tied thumbs through a broom handle or cane.

1--A large, heavy rubber band. Experimentation will show you the size best adapted to your thumbs. Band must not be too tight or too loose.

3--Two or three large metal rings or wooden hoops, such as those used for doing embroidery work.

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