Secret And Patter

To Prepare:

Roll tissue paper with 2573 on it into a small ball and place in right coat pocket. Place plain sheet of tissue folded up rather small in same pocket. Put the small card with numbers written on it also in same pocket. Have book handy on a table near you. To Perform:

Put hand into right coat pocket. Take blank sheet of tissue paper and finger palm the other sheet which is rolled into a ball. In your lesson on the torn and restored paper napkin you learned how to finger palm a ball of paper.

"In performing my next experiment I am going to make use of a plain piece of tissue paper. I want you to notice that it is plain on both sides. I hold it here in front of this light so that you can see through it too. Just a piece of tissue paper such as you would use to wrap Christmas packages."

Show both sides of paper. If there is a light near, hold paper in front of it. If this is not convenient, just show paper freely. The back of the right hand is toward the audience to conceal ball of paper. Use left hand freely in showing paper.

"For the time being, I will roll it into a small ball."

Roll paper into small ball. Now work as you did in the torn and restored napkin trick. Manipulate the palmed ball of paper up into fingers and hold the two balls as one.

"It would take a good acrobat or contortionist to roll himself up any smaller, wouldn't it?"

Palm away the plain ball with right hand. Let right hand drop to side. Prepared ball is held in left hand on level with your chest.

"Now to place the little ball of paper in good company, Madam, I am going to ask you to be so kind as to take care of this little one for a few moments."

Give prepared ball to a lady to hold.

"Keep it in sight all the time so that the audience can see it."

Reach into right coat pocket for the white card and leave the palmed ball of plain paper in pocket. Take card out with blank side toward audience. They must never know about numbers written on the back of card.

"We will use this plain white card next. Same color on both sides."


You apparently show both sides of the card to the audience but in reality show only one. You must practice this in front of your mirror until you are able to perform the move smoothly and quickly. The illusion is perfect when the move is performed properly.

Hold card as in illustration 3. Blank side of card is toward audience. Back of hand is toward you. First and second fingers in back and thumb, third and fourth fingers in front of card.

Hold card in front of you a little below level of chin and in front of left shoulder, as in Figure 4.

Swing right hand toward the right. As you do this, the card is brought to a sharp angle in the vision of the audience, but it is not turned enough to expose the numbers on the back. Move illustrated in Figure 5, next page.

When arm is about halfway down in the movement, force card downward with right thumb. Do this quickly. See Figure 6, next page.

■Fit» 4

Continue movement until hand is thrust out at side as in illustration 7. The long movement from left shoulder across body and out to side and then the quick movement of turning card downward suddenly with thumb serves to give the illusion of turning card over and showing it on both sides.

The whole movement should be done quickly and smoothly without hesitation -- just as you would do if

you really showed both sides of card.

"We should have a portable writing desk. This book will answer the purpose."

Pick up book and place card on it, blank side up, as illustrated in Figure 8.

Reach into pocket and take out pencil.

"I would like to have someone write any number of three digits on this card. A number like 343, 864, and so on -- any number that you choose. Write it so that several more may be placed beneath it and so that the total may be secured."

Give book and card to a spectator. When he or she has written first number, give book and card to another member of the audience and have him write another number under the first.

"And you, sir, will you write a number of three digits right beneath this one."

Continue until five people have written numbers.

WARNING: Have people who write these numbers on one side of room and not too close to each other.

Now move to other side of room, carrying book and card. You must be in a position where there is no one behind you. Hold book up for a moment so that card is not visible to audience. Book is held in both hands. The

left hand holds book firmly. The third, fourth, and fifth fingers of right hand are under book; the finger and thumb hold the card.

Under cover of book, turn card over quickly with forefinger and thumb of right hand. Movement is toward left, as in Figure 9. This brings prepared side of card to top.

Hold card in place with thumb of left hand and remove right hand from book and card entirely. Take pencil and draw a line under the figures. Give card and book to someone on opposite side of room from where spectators are who wrote down the numbers. Ask this spectator to add the numbers and write down the sum.

"You look like a very good mathematician, sir. Would you mind just adding up the numbers and writing the sum beneath them?"

When this is done, take up book and card and hold in left hand. Put pencil in upper coat or vest pocket.

"The sum is two thousand, five hundred, and seventy-three. Two - five - seven - three. Is that correct, sir? Will you all remember the numbers -- two, five, seven, three? Now I am going to show you a very odd experiment in legerdemain. Let us first sum up the situation. The young lady here holds a blank piece of tissue paper. Several numbers have been written on this card. You each had your own free choice of numbers. I could not possibly have known what you were going to write. The gentleman has added up the numbers and the sum is 2573. What I intend to do is to cause the spirit of the numbers to travel and write themselves one at a time on the ball of tissue paper that the lady holds."

Place thumb and first and second fingers of right hand on card, apparently picking up the numbers and then throwing it in the direction of the ball of paper.

Repeat movement.

"Five! Pardon me, Madam, do you feel anything? Nothing? Perhaps you are not sensitive to spirits."

Repeat throwing movement.

"Seven! Certainly you felt the number go that time."

Repeat throwing movement.

"Three! Now, if you will please unroll the ball of paper . . ."

Lady unrolls paper.

"Do we find that the spirits imprinted the numbers well on the paper?"

After lady has unrolled paper and looked at it take it from her and spread it out well. Hold it up so that all of audience can see the numbers.

"There, just as I said, the sum two - five - seven - three has been carried mysteriously to the paper. That is what they call the handwriting on the wall."

NOTE: You can change forged numbers by varying numbers you write on card. I seldom use the same numbers twice.

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