Secret And Patter

Have thumb tip in left pocket. Just before starting this experiment, get thumb tip onto left thumb. From pocket or off of table, take a strip of tissue paper. Casually show both hands and strip of paper. As in the preceding effects, end of thumb holding tip, is held toward audience. Then finger palm thumb tip, as explained in Thumb Tip Manipulation, and show tissue paper as in illustration.

"This is an old Chinese experiment based on an ancient teaching that everything is, even if it isn't. I can best illustrate it with this strip of colored paper. To the ordinary eye there is nothing mysterious about this paper—but to the trained eye of the psychic there is more than you have dreamed."

"To begin with let me tuck this strip of paper into my left hand."

Now slowly tuck strip of paper into left hand with the right index finger. You are really pushing the paper into the thumb tip. For the last two tucks, use the right thumb and carry thumb tip away on thumb.

Casually show right hand empty and then slowly open left hand and turn palm upwards.

"Yes, there it rests on the palm of my hand. What's that? You cannot see it? Oh, I forgot, you are not using your psychic eyes. When I placed the paper in my closed hand, the warmth of the hand caused the paper to return to its astral form—the state where a thing is, but seemingly isn't."

You turn to a gentleman nearby.

"Pardon me, sir, but you seem to have a psychic eye. Would you mind holding the paper for me? Thank you. Just hold out your left hand palm upward."

You now pretend to drop the imaginary ball of paper from your left hand into spectator's hand. Make movement as natural as though you were giving him a real ball of paper.

"Now, the paper is in your keeping. You can see it, can you not?"

If the gentleman good-naturedly says Yes, then you say:

"There, didn't I tell you the gentleman was a psychic."

If the gentleman says No, then you say:

"You aren't looking very well today. Well—anyway do not drop the strip of paper."

Turn to the audience.

"I wish to borrow a handkerchief. Either a lady's or a gentleman's. That one will do nicely."

Take handkerchief with left hand. Hold handkerchief up by two corners, thumb tip concealed behind upper right hand corner of handkerchief. Allow handkerchief to drop from left hand and to be held by right. Show left hand, both sides, and spread handkerchief over it. Show right hand empty and tuck handkerchief into left fist with right thumb, leaving thumb tip gripped in left fist. The tissue paper is there ready to be produced, but to the audience the handkerchief is empty. Turn to spectator who holds imaginary paper.

"Now, sir, if you will please give me back the astral paper."

Pretend to pick the paper out of his hand with thumb and index finger of right hand and carry it over to the handkerchief and pretend to drop it into the well. In carrying imaginary paper across, keep palm exposed to audience and other fingers well up. Even though you say you have a paper in your hand, you must convince audience that you haven't.

"I use a handkerchief for this reason—the warmth created by cloth is different from the warmth of my hand. The former materializes objects, while the latter dematerializes them. In other words, one says it is, and the other says it isn't. Now you will observe that it is."

With thumb and forefinger of right hand get hold of one end of the tissue in the thumb tip and pull it out slowly. The forefinger and thumb of left hand should hold paper firmly enough to keep it from being pulled out too soon as a ball instead of a strip.

After paper has been pulled out, turn to spectator who held imaginary paper.

"There you are, sir. You can take it home as a souvenir, but be careful how you hold it or you may not have


Handkerchief is on left hand and the tip is in the well in the handkerchief. Bring right hand over to it, thumb near the well.

Throw handkerchief from left hand over onto the right, at the same time allowing thumb tip to come onto the right thumb. Illustration shows tip on thumb and handkerchief covering hand.

Call attention to handkerchief on flat hand. Raise forefinger. The thumb with tip goes into three fingers where tip is finger palmed.

Pretend to audience that you are going to make a production of some kind. Whisk handkerchief away and show forefinger upright. Then wiggle it a little. It has a funny effect. Try it. This is simply a stunt to change the thumb tip from one hand to the other or to vanish it altogether.

Return handkerchief to loaner with left hand and get rid of tip in pocket with the right. A simple ruse for disposing of Thumb Tip is to start to put handkerchief into right-hand coat pocket and then remember that handkerchief was borrowed and hand it back. The movement of putting it in pocket is enough for you to slip tip off of thumb and allow it to go into pocket.

In your next lesson I give you three effects with rings -- each completely mystifying.

1--A nickeled ring, after being examined, is threaded on a string by a member of the audience. The string is held at both ends by spectators. Performer under cover of a handkerchief in a few seconds removes the ring.

2--Three cardboard rings, red, white, and blue in color, are examined and threaded on a string by the audience. The string is held at both ends as in previous effect by two spectators. Performer removes ring of any color called for without tearing it.

3--Performer ties a single knot in center of a string to make a ring. Then the two ends are tied. Spectator is asked to remove ring, but is unable to do so. Performer then removes it in a second.

Lesson 3 also will add a wealth of knowledge on Magic to that you have already learned.


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