Secret And Patter

To Perform: Have deck of cards well shuffled.

Pick off about a third of the deck, as in Figure 24, and place the rest of the deck in full view on the table.

Place the third of the deck in left hand.

With right thumb lift up lower left corner of TWO TOP CARDS about an inch. Move the two cards over to the right as ONE. Then fan the rest of the pack to the left with left hand. It appears that you are showing all the cards in the pack to the audience, but in reality the last card in the fan is a double card (two cards together.) Your left side should be turned toward audience. See Figure 29.

"I have here a number of cards spread fanwise and I want someone to think of a card and remember the position of it in the pack — that is, what number it is from the top. For instance, starting from the end (Performer's right side), one, two, three, four, five, six, the sixth card is the Jack of Hearts. Or, for instance, you choose the seventh ~ the Ten of Clubs. Choose any card, but remember the number it is from the end. Have you thought of a card? Have you it well in mind, and its position from the end? All right. Then I will just square up these cards and lay them on the table."

After spectator has thought of card, square up the little pile and place it in full view on the table. Then show both hands empty, both sides, fingers wide apart.

Because of the extra card behind the first one which spectator saw, the card he selected is one card farther from the end than he thinks. If spectator mentally chose the sixth card, this card is really seventh from the end, etc.

"Now, watch me carefully. I pick up the other pile of cards and ask you, sir to take them in your own hands and take out any card you choose. However, do not look at it, or show it to anyone."

Spectator removes card.

"Give card to me."

Spectator gives you card.

"And I will place it in my pocket."

Holding card with back to audience in your right hand, place it in your right trousers' pocket.

"Now square up the pile of cards in your hand and place it on the table. We are now ready for the mental miracle or what psychologists say is an impossibility. It is the psychologists' dream."

Point to cards at right, from which spectator mentally selected a card.

"Now if I were to tell you that the card you thought of in this pile of cards is the one that was selected from this other pile and the one that I placed in my pocket -- you would think this is a pretty good trick, wouldn't you? And I assure you, too, that there are no two cards alike in the deck. Let me prove to you that what I say is true."

Pick up cards at right and hold in left hand, BACKS OF CARDS UP.

"By the way, what number from the end was your card?"

Spectator tells you — for instance, Five.

Count cards, backs up, slowly and distinctly one at a time into the spectator's hand. When you have counted off five cards, the sixth and selected card is now the top card.

Bring right hand back to pack and with thumbs of both hands slide the top card, which is the selected card, about three-eighths of an inch to the right. Lift up lower right edge of this card far enough to get first joint of little finger of left hand between it and rest of pack. Square up all the cards, leaving little finger under the top card. See Figure 30.


"If you thought of the fifth card, then it must be the one you have there in your hand. Look at it and see."

Point at spectator's hand with your right hand. As he looks at card, you bring your RIGHT hand over to the deck in your left hand. Raise top card with little finger of left hand and propel it into right palm. See Figure 31.

Curl fingers of right hand slightly over card. This will hold card in right palm, as in Figure 32. Proficiency in palming a card is essential to your success in Magic. Practice it. You must keep back of


hand to audience and keep card screened from view, as in Figure 33. Remember NATURALNESS of the hand and ANGLES OF VISIBILITY.

"Is that your card?"

You refer, of course, to the fifth card, which he has in his hand.

"No? Then, what was your card?"

Spectator calls out the selected card, say the Queen of Diamonds. You repeat,

"The Queen of Diamonds."

With card palmed in right hand reach suddenly into right trousers' pocket where you placed second selected card. FIG. -3 3

Now remove the Queen of Diamonds from your pocket. This is, of course, the card which you just palmed in your right hand and placed in your pocket. The other card remains there.

Use showmanship in producing the Queen from your pocket. Bring out the top edge and slowly turn it around so that audience can see it. Put an element of suspense into the producing of the card.

"Then I was right after all. You see the card you thought of in one pack was the one you selected from the other pack and which I placed in my pocket."

Dispose of card still in pocket by placing whole deck in pocket and then bringing it out again with card or by palming card and bringing it out and placing with rest of deck, or leave it there if not in the way until an opportunity comes of secretly removing it. Do not be in a hurry to get card out of pocket.


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