Secret And Patter

To Prepare: Take one of the small envelopes. With the scissors cut off a very fine edge on the lower right side of envelope — cut up about 1-1/4 inches from bottom and about 3/4 inch along bottom. See Figure 18.

On one of the large envelopes put a pencil dot at the upper left corner and at the lower right corner on both sides. See Figure 19. This is done to enable you to identify this envelope at a glance from among the three envelopes.

To Perform: Have envelopes on table nearby. Take deck of cards in hands and fan them to show that they are ordinary playing cards. Never say in words, "I have here an ordinary pack of playing cards." Use the POWER OF SUGGESTION by fanning cards.

"Will you, sir, please shuffle this pack of playing cards. Shuffle them well."

Give deck to spectator to shuffle.

"Now remove any card, look at it, but do not let me see it. Then pass the deck to someone else."

Spectator selects card and passes deck to another member of the audience.

"Take any card out and remember it. Do not let me see it. Then you give the deck to

Card is removed and deck passed to a third spectator.

"In a like manner take out any card, remember it, and do not let me see it. I will please."

Third card is removed by third spectator. You take deck and place it in full view on table. Pick up an unprepared small envelope and hold in left hand.

"Will the person who drew the first card please place it face down, so that I cannot see it, in this envelope?"

Hold envelope toward spectator so that card can be inserted, as in Figure 20. Wet flap and seal. Take a large envelope from table, open it, and drop small envelope with card into it. Then you request spectator to seal large envelope.

"Will you, please, seal the envelope and hold it for a while?"

Now pick up prepared small envelope. Hold slit corner together with thumb and first finger of left hand. Hold envelope toward second spectator as you did the first one.

"And will you, please, place your card in this other envelope, face down so that I cannot see it?"

Second spectator inserts his card. With first or second finger of your right hand, push card well against bottom of envelope. Wet flap of envelope and turn it toward audience. As you seal down the flap with right hand, WITH LEFT THUMB LIFT UP SLIT CORNER OF ENVELOPE AND LOOK AT NUMBER AND SUIT OF CARD. See Figure 21.

You can see at a glance what the card is inside of the envelope. Let us say it is the 5 of spades. Allow corner flap to fall back in place. Audience is watching you seal flap of envelope, and if you hold the envelope tilted upward, they will never suspect what you are doing, as they cannot see rear of envelope.

Take prepared large envelope — the one with the dots in the corners — from table

"Again we will seal the card and envelope in still another envelope."

You place envelope into larger one and seal it yourself.

"And I will have the lady (or gentleman) here hold it."

Give envelope to spectator to hold. Take other small envelope from pocket.

"We will have the last card sealed into the envelope also."

Card is placed in envelope by spectator and flap of envelope is sealed.

"And then we will place it also in the larger envelope."

Small envelope is placed in third large envelope and flap of envelope sealed.

"Please hold the envelope."

Go back to table. Pick up deck of cards. Fan it open slightly so that you can look through it hurriedly. You must now locate two cards, one with the suit and the other with the number of the card which you have in the slit envelope. We are assuming that the card in the slit envelope is the 5 spot of Spades. Look through deck quickly for a 5 spot of any suit and when you have found it place index finger of right hand back of it. See Figure 22.

Continue running through cards until you come to a spade. When you do, lift it out with as little movement as possible and slip it in front of index finger of right hand. This places the cards in the following order:

someone else, too." take the deck, if you

Lower section of deck held in left hand.

A spade card of any number.

A 5 spot card of any suit.

Upper section of deck held in right hand.

Right index finger is held between lower and upper sections of deck.

Now divide pack into two portions, holding them about a half inch from each other, as in Figure 23.

"Guess that this is a full pack. Oh, well, it doesn't matter."

Place section of deck in right hand under that in left hand and square up cards.

The spade card and the 5 spot are now on the top of the pack. In Card Magic, the top of the pack is always the side with backs of cards up and bottom is side with faces of cards showing. Turn pack over and riffle shuffle it -- giving it a FALSE SHUFFLE, so that two top cards remain on top.

Now hold pack in position shown in Figure 25.

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