Secret And Patter

To Prepare:

Place the two pieces of rope with each two ends together. Find middle of the two ropes and wrap a piece of thread (No. 50 or 60) around both ropes twice. Tie thread securely. See A in illustration 19.

Now fold ropes, each back on itself, as you did the tapes in the first effect. See B and C in illustration 19.

Coil up ropes in a way that will enable you to get at the joining and one set of ends easily. Have ropes thus prepared and rings on your table ready for your performance.

To Perform:

Pick up the six rings and come forward.

"Before beginning a peculiar Hindu experiment in magic, I would like to have two gentlemen help me."

Get two gentlemen to come up from audience. If they are strangers to you, shake hands with them to make them feel comfortable. Have one stand at the right of you and the other at the left, and both a little in front of you. For convenience we will call the man at the left L and the man at the right R.

"I have six rings—six solid rings. Would you kindly examine them?"

Give rings to R.

Then go over to table and pick up ropes. Cover joining of two ropes by holding ropes at that point in closed left hand. With right hand spread four ends of ropes apart so that audience can see that you just hold two ropes by the middle.

"Now that you are satisfied about the quality of the rings, will you, sir, please thread the six of them on this end of the rope?"

Give R two ends at right, picking them up with right hand.

Figure 3 9

"Both of you please hold both ends of rope securely and do not let them drop."

Slide rings up against left hand, as in Figure 20. Then under cover of both hands, slide rings together over joining of ropes until joining is in the center of the rings and is completely covered.

"Now bring up your ends so that I can tie a knot over the rings."

Tie a single knot over rings. Let ends fall to the floor. Illustration 21 shows knot tied.

"There, the rings are tied securely. (To gentleman on left.) And would you be so kind as to let me have your coat? I would use my own but the audience might think I have some kind of special preparation that allows my coat to fall apart and come together again."

Gentleman removes coat. If he takes things out of his pocket and transfers them to his trousers, say:

"The gentleman evidently knows me. But, sir, you may leave the articles in your coat if you choose, unless you have something breakable, such as bottles—medicine bottles. bric-a-brac, etc. Hold your coat with front toward me so that I can thread the ropes through the sleeves. (To R.) Reach up into the sleeve and pull the rope through."

You put two ends of rope inside of coat and through right sleeve and R pulls the ends out of sleeve.

"Hold the ends, sir, and tightly. These other two ends I will thread through the left sleeve and I will ask you, sir, (to L) to reach up into the sleeve and pull the ends out."

Place other two ends into inner part of left sleeve and L pulls them out of sleeve.

"Hold these two ends tightly also. We will now place coat and rings over this chair. But before doing so, I want the audience to see that the rings have been tied onto the ropes and the ropes really threaded through the coat sleeves."

Move back towards chair. Show inside of coat with rings hanging on ropes to audience. Figure 22 illustrates coat on chair.

Chair should be placed with back to audience.

Place coat over back of chair with back of coat towards audience. See Figure 23.

Figure 21

Figure 2Î

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