Secret And Patter

"Of course, the handkerchief isn't invisible, but it does make anything under it invisible, doesn't it?"

With both hands, reach under the handkerchief. The left hand covers the ring on the string (A) and pulls it away from center toward left side. The ring in right hand (B) is placed against string in its place. Turn to spectator holding string.

"Let me have a little slack in the string please. That's fine."

Now you place ring (B) on the string. How to do this is illustrated below. Put ring between thumb and first finger of left hand. With right hand, bring string through ring and over the top edge. When string is drawn taut, this loop arrangement holds ring in place.

With left hand covering ring (A), hold string about four inches from ring (B) and pull string taut.

Remove handkerchief with right hand and put it between index finger and thumb of left hand. Other fingers are closed around string in order to conceal ring (A).

"I thought at first that I would show you the principle of transfigure—ma—gumption under cover of the handkerchief, but upon second thought, I believe you may understand it better if you see what has happened. The principle being, of course, that the more you see the less you know."

Hold ring (B) with thumb and first finger of right hand so as to prevent its slipping from string. Then to the spectator who is holding both ends of the string, you say:

"Now, sir, if you will please reach down and take hold of the little loop you will find that the ring will come right off. I will hold this end of the string for you.

As spectator lets go of left end of string and reaches down to remove ring "B," you slide your left hand with ring "A" concealed in it, to left end of string.

When he removes ring from string you put handkerchief and ring into left-hand pocket.

Hold ring up for all to see "You can examine it again, sir." Give ring to spectator.

"And if you will look at the string closely, you will find it hasn't been hurt in the very least. That's the beauty of transfigure—ma—gumption, it is painless."

You will find this trick to be very much easier to do when you have one spectator hold both ends of the string. You are advised not to try having one spectator hold one end and another spectator hold the other end of the string, until you have become quite proficient.

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