Secret And Patter

To prepare: Have one each of red, white, and blue rings in right trousers pocket. The rings should be arranged in order. Have handkerchief in same pocket.

Place other three rings in your vest pocket. Have string with you or borrow it.

Take three rings from vest pocket. Show rings and string to audience.

"For this experiment I would like two gentlemen to help me."

Have two men come forward. One should be placed a little in front of you and to your left and the other one in a similar position to your right.

"I have three patriotic rings—red, white, and blue."

Show each ring separately. Turn to gentleman on left.

"Will you be so kind as to give them a careful looking over?"

Turn to gentleman on right.

"And will you please examine this piece of cord."

After cord has been examined—

"Now, if you will just hold one end of the string and give me the other, I will have this gentleman (at left)

string the three rings on the cord. Thank you, that's fine. Now just hold the end of the string."

To Audience-- "What have we? Three rings which the gentleman has examined—red, white, and blue—on a cord and a gentleman holding each end of it. Be careful, sirs, and do not let go of the string at any time while the trick is in progress. Do you know, this trick reminds me of the Chinese—the rings look so much like washers."

While saying this to audience, separate the three rings so that they are about an inch and a half from each other. Then reach into right trousers pocket and finger palm the three rings. Be sure you know the order in which they lie in your hand. At same time, bring handkerchief out of pocket. As in the effect before, the audience thinks you have merely reached into pocket for the handkerchief and they are not aware of the fact that you have three extra rings in your right hand.

"For a moment I will just cover the three rings with this handkerchief."

Cover rings with handkerchief, allowing right hand to rest partially under it. Hand still holds handkerchief so that palmed rings are screened by it.

"These rings are very sensitive and are very much subject to anyone's call. I have known them to run away when spoken to loudly. Will anyone call out the color of one of the rings—red, white, or blue? Take your own free choice. Red? Then red it shall be."

With both hands under handkerchief, reach up to red ring on string. TEAR it as quietly as possible and remove it from string with left hand.

Now take red ring from right hand into left and put torn ring in right hand. The red ring should be the top one in the right hand when you palm the three rings.

You now have two good rings (white and blue) and the torn red one in the right hand. You have the whole red ring in the left.

Bring left hand from under cover, holding up the red ring. At the same time, pull away the handkerchief with the right hand in which you have the three rings finger palmed.

"There, didn't I tell you that any ring was apt to run away when loudly spoken to. I did manage to catch the red ring, however, and here it is. The white and blue rings still remain on the cord."

As you say this, put handkerchief into pocket and leave rings with handkerchief.

Turn to gentleman on left. Show him red ring.

"You will observe, sir, that the ring has not been damaged at all—just a wee bit scared. And now, let me

Take string with white and blue rings on from gentlemen and hold in your right and left hands, rings hanging between them.

"Please don't tell anyone how the red ring escaped from the string without being injured."

If anyone had called for the white or blue ring, the method of working would have been the same except that you would have torn off the white or blue ring instead of the red one and would have transferred from the right to the left hand the ring of corresponding color.

Compare closely the method of working the first effect with the metal ring and the second effect with the paper rings to impress upon your mind the difference in working.

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