Secret And Patter

Have spectator select a card from deck and remember it, then return it to the pack.

Perform the SIMPLIFIED PASS to bring the selected card to the TOP of the deck.

Do the DOUBLE CARD LIFT, showing the two top cards as one to the spectator who selected a card.

"Did this happen to be your card? No? (Replace top cards on deck. Show bottom card.) Nor the bottom card? Then your card is lost somewhere in the shuffle."

Pick up knife from table.

"This is a magnetic knife from the land of 'Floor-no-Hoofa' where magnets grow, -- so called because the people have so much personal magnetism that they walk on the ceiling most of the time. They are a race of stickers."

Request someone from audience to come up to assist you.

"May I make you chief custodian of the Magnetic Knife? You have never been in Floor-no-Hoofa, have you? Will you, as chief custodian and royal executioner, be kind enough to place the blade anywhere in this deck of cards? Just any place you choose, because the knife will go anywhere it chooses anyway. (To gentleman who selected card) And you, sir — will you think hard of your card?"

Assistant is at your left. Hold cards backs up and have knife inserted anywhere in pack. Figure 37.

"Betwixt the magnetism of the knife and the concentration of the gentleman thinking of his card, it happens, naturally, that the knife falls in love with the card and goes to find its loved one."

Hold deck securely with left hand and place right hand over section of deck above knife. Here you perform THE SLIP CHANGE (see Lesson 9):

Raise upper portion of deck with right hand, swinging deck away from knife blade. Be sure to have left fingers tightly pressed against right-hand edge of cards. Figure 38.

Swing arms to right about twelve inches, away from knife blade. Under cover of this movement slip upper

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