Second Finger Hide Away

Place second finger of right hand into thimble, freeing it from the Thumb Palm. Figure 48 shows right hand as seen by audience. Figure 49 shows actual move. Place right forefinger against left palm again. Other three fingers are curled down into palm of right hand. Knuckle of second finger is near lower edge of left hand, Figure 50.

Hands are shown as audience sees them. Palm of left hand faces audience. Back of right hand is toward audience.

Stretch all fingers but the first of right hand out in back of left hand. This move, of course, conceals thimble on second finger of right hand, Figure 51.

Move forefinger over to first joint of little finger of left hand so that palm of right hand is shown to audience, Figure 52.

Bring forefinger back to palm of hand again as in Figure 51. Close three fingers again as in Figure 50. Now show back of left hand and point at it with right forefinger. You have apparently shown both sides of hands with nothing concealed.

Thumb Palm the thimble in right hand again.

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