Rising Cards

Rising Card Effects are designated in the magician's vocabulary as "beautiful" effects. This means that these effects are especially clever and effective. And, indeed, they are.

I do not know who first performed the rising of a card from the pack, but whoever he was, he certainly had a brilliant idea. It has stood the test of many, many years and many, many audiences and proved to be of real Magical value.

Thurston, the big spectacular magician, has made the rising card effect one of the feature tricks of his show for many years. Other magicians the world over, wherever playing cards are used, have put rising card experiments on their programs.

There have been many methods used in accomplishing the effect -- some very simple to perform, others very complicated. Many performers have exercised their ingenuity on rising card problems so that interesting variations of the effect have been brought forth. Some of these require apparatus which costs hundreds of dollars.

In presenting various rising card methods to you in this course, the idea has been constantly before me to give you those methods which are practical, which require only a medium amount of skill and yet are excellent in effect, and, above all, to present them to you in such manner as to enable you to make up the apparatus easily and with almost no cost.

I give you three good methods in this lesson. Varying conditions under which you perform require different methods of working and it is well to be prepared for any occasion. However, you will, no doubt, favor one of the methods over the others and find greater delight in performing the effect by this method. If experience teaches you that you are most successful in presenting this method, you can then make this your feature rising card effect.

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