Riffle Force with Unprepared Cards To Perform

This riffle force is done with unprepared cards and no Short Card. In this case, keep faces of cards turned so that you can see them. Tell spectator to remember a card as you riffle. Start riffling cards rapidly, then about one-third way back in the deck, hesitate a moment and allow a card at this point to be shown longer. Then continue riffling fast. Remember card at which you hesitated.

Now look through cards and get selected card to top of deck. Lift the two top cards as ONE and show face of second.

"This, I believe, is the card you thought of. No?"

Replace the two cards on deck. Then remove top card, back up.

fig. 13

"What was your card?"

Spectator names card. Turn top card over and show it. "That's what I thought!"


If you fail to locate card the first time, show spectator card in your hand and say:

"Did you notice something peculiar? Is this the card I first showed you? No. It has changed. Look at it closely."

Give him the first card you selected. Hurriedly look through the deck for the second selected card and get this to top of deck.

"Strange, it isn't even in the deck."

Take card back from spectator.

"Are you sure you thought of the Seven of Diamonds?" -- (or whatever selected card happens to be.)

As you say this, do the card change, placing this card on bottom of deck, and take top card which is selected card.

"I do not understand it."

Then turn card over and show it to be selected one. "Well, it happened to be your card, after all."

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