Review Lessons 25 to

Before you go any further with your Magic studies, I want you to stop again for review. Go back to Lesson 13—read the introduction and review the outline there very carefully. Then turn to Lesson 25 and study the second outline thoroughly.

You will find it fascinating and inspiring to go back this way and check up on yourself. You will be amazed at the vast amount of Magic you have learned and at the remarkable progress you have made.

Now I want to give you your third review outline, which will cover Lessons 25 to 37.

Lesson 25 — Effects with rabbits or other small animals. In this lesson you learn effects which enable you to give excellent children's programs.

Construction of production vanishes. This part of the course is invaluable to you for it saves you considerable money and teaches you how to create in Magic.

Lesson 26 — Introduction on Simplicity as Keynote in this Course.

Colorful Ribbon effects.

Good Mathematical mysteries.

Lesson 27 — Famous Needle Trick.

Valuable work on Thimble Manipulation, and complete Thimble Act with vanishes, productions, and effects.

Lesson 28 — Magic with Silks—principles and effects.

Lesson 29 — Mind Reading—Super-Mental work with a real punch. Complete Mind Reading Act.

Review the introduction on Opportunities in Magic, Specialization, Presentation, Creating of Effects.

Lesson 30 — Business side of Magic—a lesson which will help to "make" you. How to make money— how to sell yourself—how to get bookings—advertising and publicity.

You learn how to put on a whole evening's show. Complete programs—how to stage and present them. Besides, several interesting productions with construction of rabbit boxes and bags. Lesson 31 — More Super-Mentalism and Mind Reading to make a real reputation for you. Principles and routines on mental work which you should master thoroughly.

Lesson 32 — Your relation to other Magicians and Ethics at a Magic performance—read this many times.

Silk Handkerchief Magic —

Principles of tying and untying magical knots.

Principles of vanishing and producing handkerchiefs. Good effects with handkerchiefs. Lesson 33 — Cigarette Magic.

Principles of Sleight of Hand with cigarettes and Effects involving these manipulations. Lesson 34 — 12 Impromptu Card Effects.

These should be mastered so completely that they become a part of you. Lesson 35 — Sleight of Hand with Cards.

Principles used by the world's greatest Magicians and new angles to make your work "different." Lesson 36 — More Card Magic —

Flourishes - Forces - False Counting - Four Ace Work - Rising Cards - Card Fountains. Today's lesson is one of the lessons on Oriental Magic included in your Course.

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