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A handkerchief vanish which permits of good comedy. This is an adaptation of an effect originally performed by Oswald Williams, a well known English magician.


Performer removes a silk handkerchief from his right vest pocket. With his right hand, he tucks it into the closed palm of his left hand. Magician opens his left hand, and the handkerchief has vanished. He again takes a handkerchief from his vest pocket and vanishes it in his left palm also. He repeats this a number of times with suitable patter, and finally changes the handkerchief into an egg or a lemon.


1--A handkerchief pull. This was sent to you FREE with your early lessons.

2--A piece of good black elastic. This should be round and cloth-covered.

3--A hollow celluloid egg with a hole in one side for vanishing handkerchief. We can supply you with this at a reasonable price.

4--Two silk handkerchiefs, exactly alike, about 13 inches square. Use handkerchiefs which we furnished you earlier in the Course, or make some new ones of China silk.

5--Three small shoe buttons.


Sew a shoe button on one corner of the handkerchief and another button at the diagonally opposite corner. One button acts as a "feeler" in manipulation of the silk, and the other acts as a "throw out" for easy grasping of handkerchief when it is in the "pull., Figure 53.


The "pull" is the regular handkerchief "pull," but the elastic is arranged a little differently. It is drawn up through the hole in bottom of "pull" out through the opening. Allow just about one-half inch of elastic to extend above opening. Make a knot in elastic on each side of bottom hole of "pull" to keep it in place. Then make a knot in end at opening of "pull" and sew elastic securely to one corner of handkerchief with shoe button. Attach safety pin to other end of elastic, Figure 54.

Tuck handkerchief into pull. End of handkerchief with shoe button A goes in last, Figure 55.

Place "pull" in vest pocket. Make a small hole in farther corner of pocket. Run elastic through this hole, around your waist, and up on your back where it is attached. Arrangement is the same as in the ordinary vanish, taught to you in Lesson 28, except that "pull" is placed in vest pocket. In emergency, it may be worked from the side in the ordinary manner, Figure 56.

Take the hollow celluloid egg. To one side of the opening, make a small hole. Sew one corner of the second handkerchief to this hole. To opposite corner of handkerchief sew a shoe button, Figures 57 and 58.

Make a small pocket in left side of your coat. You will find this pocket useful for many things. Tuck handkerchief into egg, arranging it so that shoe button can easily be reached. Then place egg in this special pocket in coat, Figure 59.

To Perform:

Come forward with "pull" and egg properly arranged.

"The other day I was standing out in front of a small conjuring or magic shop, looking in the window. One little show card, in particular, caught my eye. On it was a description of a trick with a handkerchief. It said that the performer reaches into his vest pocket and removes a handkerchief."

With right hand, reach into left vest pocket. Grasp shoe button extending from Pull and draw out the silk. Place left hand at left edge of coat and draw handkerchief through left hand until "pull" comes into left palm. Stretch the elastic as you draw handkerchief out until shoe button B is at tips of left thumb and fingers. Keep back of left hand toward audience all the time, Figure 60.

To the audience it appears that you merely took a silk handkerchief from your pocket and are holding it up by the corners as shown in Figure 61.

"He then holds the handkerchief by the corners, one in the left hand and one in the right. Now, taking the first finger of his right hand. ..."

Release hold on silk with right hand and allow it to hang suspended from left hand.

"He pushes the silk handkerchief into the closed left hand."

With right forefinger tuck silk into the "pull", leaving shoe button A on top. Open bottom part of left hand enough to release "pull" and let it fly back to vest pocket. If you watch your ANGLES OF VISIBILITY here, this move will not be detected. Continue pushing first finger of right hand into left fist for a moment. Figure 62.

"This causes the silk to disappear."

Open left hand to show silk has vanished. Also show right hand.

"Personally, I didn't think it could be done, so I walked into the store and said to the man behind the counter, 'Pardon me, sir, but have you a trick in which you take a silk handkerchief out of your pocket '"

Reach for silk again, taking shoe button and pulling silk through left hand again until "pull" is in left palm, as before.

"'And then hold it by two corners, one in the left hand and the other in the right, and then take the first finger of the right hand '"

Drop corner from right hand and push silk into closed left hand with right forefinger, as before.

"'And push the silk into the closed left hand '"

Push silk into "pull" and release, as before.

"'Only to find that the silk handkerchief has disappeared?' 'Oh,' said the man standing behind the counter, 'you mean that trick in which the performer takes a silk handkerchief from his pocket '"

Again remove silk from vest pocket and perform your routine.

"'And holds it by two corners, one in the left hand and one in the right, and then with the first finger of the right hand, pushes the silk into the closed fingers of the left hand '"

Push silk into pull and vanish again.

"'Only to find that the silk handkerchief has vanished. Yes, yes, I will show it to you.' And he did. Now, ladies and gentlemen, that I have learned the trick, I will show it to you. First the performer removes his silk handkerchief from his pocket."

This time reach down and tuck "pull" into vest pocket to get it out of sight. Then reach over to special pocket in coat. Grasp shoe button on handkerchief in egg. Pull it out and get egg into left palm. Hold silk as before between left and right hands.

"He holds it by two corners, one in the left hand and the other in the right hand. Then with the first finger of the right hand, he tucks the silk handkerchief into the closed fingers of his left hand."

Tuck handkerchief into the egg in left palm.

"And then you have an EGG."

Show egg to audience, keeping opening out of sight, Figure 63.

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