Rabbit Productions

The rabbit has won for itself a fine place in Magic. When there are children in the audience, the production of a rabbit is greeted with much hilarity. Something live is appreciated by the youngsters. And as grownups are really only boys and girls grown up, they too admire the appearance of Professor Bunny.

Rabbits are by no means difficult to handle if you use a little care. I am simplifying rabbit productions for you so that you can produce a rabbit from a hat, from under a gentleman's coat, from a bunch of silks, a mass of paper ribbon, etc., with ease and naturalness and good effect.

The first thing to consider is HOW TO CONCEAL A RABBIT. This must be done in a way which will not excite suspicion on the part of the audience and will allow you to get at him easily at the proper moment.

In Lesson 30 I taught you how to conceal bunny in a special bag which can be opened easily and how to hang bag on back of chair or table on a headless nail. Once you understand the main principles in this type of rabbit production, you will have no trouble in concealing him or getting at him for production. When using a large rabbit, this type of production must be used. Also when working on the stage with all necessary properties at hand, this production is easy to accomplish.

For work in the audience or out in front of the stage away from properties, however, it is well to conceal the rabbit on your person. In this work, use a small rabbit or a guinea pig so that he will not bulge your clothing out too much. Now we shall consider the problem of concealing bunny on your person.

The most logical place to conceal a rabbit is under the coat and in some curve of the body that will allow room for him. Above the hips the inward curve of the body gives the most room for this. For convenience in working, a special pocket is made to hold rabbit securely. Pocket may be made inside the coat, between coat and vest, or on the vest itself. Figure 14.

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