Pull Away Thimble Vanish

Hold hands in position shown in Figure 53. Left hand downward, back toward audience, right hand horizontal with forefinger and thimble pointing to left.

Cover thimble with left hand, closing fingers around it, Figure 54.

As you close fingers of left hand around right forefinger, Thumb Palm the thimble in right thumb. Figure 55 shows actual move away from audience.

Bring right forefinger back to position again and draw closed left hand away as though you actually pulled thimble from finger and held it in closed hand, Figure 56.

Open left hand slowly and gracefully and show that thimble has vanished. Open out fingers of right hand also, but keep back of hand to audience, Figure 57.

LEARN TO OPEN YOUR HAND GRACEFULLY. This is important for Good Magic and Finish in Presentation. You must use Showmanship to open your hand right—not too fast or too slowly. You can tell a master performer by the way he opens his hand in vanishing an object.

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