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1. Opening — The Wand from the Pocketbook (Lesson 30). This is taught to you later in this lesson. Vanishing Wand (Lesson 20).

2. Silk of the Flame with Cigarette Combination (Lesson 28). Light candle. Then take match from box with silk concealed and light cigarette. Produce silk from flame; then vanish lighted cigarette in it with Thumb Tip. Place silk in vest pocket and continue with Silk of the Flame effect.

3. The Egg, the Glass, and the Handkerchief (Lesson 28).

4. The Untying Handkerchief (Lesson 28).

5. The Cut and Restored Ribbon (Lesson 26).

6. Japanese Torn and Restored Napkin (Lesson 4).

7. Thimble Act (Lesson 27).

8. Humpty Dumpty Outdone (Lesson 24).

10. The Card and the Banana (Lesson 14).

11. Cards That Pass in the Night (Lesson 12).

12. Cards Up the Sleeve (Lesson 12).

13. Mystery of the Glass House (Lesson 17).

14. Rising Cards (Lessons 18 and 19). Your favorite method.

15. The Coin in the Magical Envelopes (Lesson 22).


Go behind the scenes and quickly prepare for the next two effects which are taught to you later in this lesson. Take rabbit from carrying case and drop him into compartment in Chinese Rabbit Box (described later). Place derby hat with bundle of silks inside the box. Bring box out and place on table.

If you have assistant, just have him bring box out all prepared for the effects.

16. Silk Production from Hat (Lesson 30). Remove hat from box and place on table. Show box empty and set it down behind hat. Pick up hat, getting bundle of silks to rear, and show hat empty. Get silks into hat again, open bundle, and produce silks one at a time, laying them over front side of box.

17. Chinese Rabbit Box Production (Lesson 30). Push silks into box. Release hook and take rabbit out of box by the ears. Pick up box and show it empty. Silks have apparently changed into rabbit. Turn box upside down so that children coming to stage for next effect will not see into it.

18. Unique Box Rabbit Vanish (Lesson 25). Have a boy and two girls come up from audience to assist you. Have them stand at front of stage. You go to rear and place rabbit in box on the stand. Drop rabbit into secret compartment in table top and go through routine. Remove box from table and wiggle it around as though rabbit were jumping inside. Ask boy whether he can hold rabbit without dropping him. As you give box to boy, wiggle it to give comedy touch. Then say, "I'll have to hypnotize him to keep him quiet." Wave your hand over box, and box then remains quiet. "There, he has gone to sleep." Put your head to box and say, "I hear him snoring. Do not drop him now. Hold tight onto the box. Here, girls." Go over to table and pick up a toy pistol and a little toy hatchet and give one to each girl.

Continue with this Patter: "You take this pistol, and if he tries to jump out of the box, shoot him. And you, Mary, take this hatchet and bean him on the ears if he gets too frisky. And, Bill, you just wait a minute and we'll fence him in."

Remove the table top quickly and in a careless manner and place it against back of chair or back wall of stage, or if you have an assistant, give it to him. Pick up the table, show it casually, come over to Bill and place it over his head.

"There, Bill, we've got the rabbit fenced in."

Place girl with pistol on one side and girl with hatchet on other. Reach over and place ear near box, and say, "I wonder whether he is asleep yet? He seems unusually quiet. Maybe he is dead. Well, we cannot take any chances. Sally, you have your pistol ready to shoot and, Mary, be ready to hit him on the ears. I'll open the box, and if he jumps out, we'll get him."

Take box from boy, and holding lid toward audience, slowly open it a little. Then quickly close it. "Are you ready, girls?"

Open box. Of course, it is empty. Reach inside to look for rabbit supposedly—then have Bill look inside--and show to audience.

"HE'S GONE! I guess he must have died and gone to rabbit heaven. Well, good-bye, Bill."

Shake hands with the boy.

"And good-bye, girls."

Take pistols and hatchet from girls and shake hands with them.

"You did your part well, and if Bunny had jumped out of the box, I know you would have got him. But, anyway, if that rabbit ever comes back as a spook, we'll sneak up behind him and catch him when he isn't looking."

Act II.

1. King Solomon's Wedding Bands (Lesson 20).

2. The Bartender's Dream (Lesson 30).

4. Japanese Thumb Tie (Lesson 11).

5. The Spirit Mathematician (Lesson 8).

6. Telepathic Drawing (Lesson 29).

7. The Chess Knight's Tour (Lesson 29).

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