Production Of Stack Of Four Bowls Of Water

This is very effective and puzzling. The bowls of water are produced in a stack and it seems hardly possible to handle them without spilling the contents.


Performer's assistant stands holding a cloth. Performer takes it from him, and after showing it freely, places it on the floor. Suddenly cloth is raised and a stack of four glass bowls filled with water and containing goldfish appears in view.


1 — Four glass goldfish bowls as shown in Figure 24. The bowls vary in size so that they can be stacked with the largest one on the bottom and the smallest on top. The diameters of the bowls are given on the bowls and the heights are given beside the bowls in the diagram.

2 — A metal base on which lowest bowl of stack rests. This can be made by cutting off the top of a metal cuspidor. Base should be shaped as shown in Figure 25.

3 — A special cloth case to hold stack of bowls and enable performer to carry them in position and handle them easily.

4 — A large opaque cloth, five or six feet square.


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