Preparation The Treasure Chest

Fig. 32 shows general effect of the box from the outside. The metal band effect and rivets can be made with paint, as well as the lock.

Fig. 33 shows inside of box when box is tipped over and the lid raised. The box is not difficult to build.

A special compartment must be constructed for the load and fitted into the box. Fig. 34 shows the rear of the box when box is tipped over with lid towards the audience. The compartment is at rear.

The compartment is so made that when box is tipped upright again the compartment will swing into the

Fig. 35 is a picture of compartment. Note the thin tin side pieces to keep compartment from swinging back too far.

Figs. 36, 37 and 38 show the principle of hiding the compartment.

Fig. 36 shows the box with the compartment inside. You will note that the bottom of box is formed by one side of compartment and that the other side leans up against the front side of box. The bottom side of compartment is hinged to bottom of front side of box.

Now if box is tipped forward so that opening is in front you will find that the compartment with load automatically comes into position, Figs. 37 and 34. What appears to be the inside bottom of the box is really a side of the compartment.

Now close lid again and push box back, Fig. 38, to upright position, Fig. 36, and the compartment comes back into the box.

Before the show, the compartment is filled with the necessary production articles. If live stock is used, you can have a slide cover on compartment. Holes should also be cut in the unseen sides for ventilation.

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