Preparation The Cabinet

This is built similarly to one in the penetrative bar illusion described before except that it is not necessary for front and back to overlap box proper, the holes can be varied and made more numerous and closer together. It is however necessary to make the box deeper, as more room is required so as to double up the body from another angle. Inside measurements are about 24 inches by 24 inches by 5 feet 9 inches. A cabinet for small girl can be smaller in height. The holes are about 8 inches apart up and down. A small door must also be placed in front door near top to be opened so as to show assistant's face inside at any moment. The door need only be about five or six inches wide and six inches long. Just so face can be seen.

The small door also has another purpose. It takes the place of holes for bars and allows considerable space in upper region of cabinet in which no bars are thrust and it is in this space that the girl assistant can secrete herself to a large extent and thereby avoid the thrusts of the bars. Fig. 16 gives a good idea of box.

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