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Here again illustrations are of much value in letting you quickly size up the situation in the construction of the box. The inside length of box should be about three to six inches taller than the girl. The other measurements should be about 21 x 21 inches (inside).

Fig. 19 shows the box with girl inside.

Fig. 19 shows the box with girl inside.

Ropes are fixed in ends of box for handles. Where necessary, cleats can be put on box to strengthen. The box has a lid which hinges on one side. On the other side it is fastened with two hasps and padlocks.

The box is then sawed in half and then held together with soft pine boards about a quarter inch thick through which the saw will easily penetrate. You will note an opening of an inch or two between the two halves of box proper but covered with the strips, sides, top and bottom.

A slot is cut on each side of the center through which a metal or wooden slide can be inserted at proper time.

Fig. 20 shows a picture of the slide. To cover slots, wooden doors are hinged. Directly below the slots are grooves to slide the slides into and be held firmly. Thus the halves of boxes when sawed could be pulled apart without anyone seeing on the inside of boxes.

Fig. 21 gives another view of the halves of boxes before they are joined together with the strips of pine wood.

In the bottom of box are a number of air holes. On the sides of box are holes through which ropes can be carried outside to spectators after girl is bound in box. Figs. 19 to 21 show the location of these holes.

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