Practice Faithfully

To continue our comparison of Magic as a Profession with Chemistry: In learning the Profession of Chemistry you must use the knowledge you get from the text-book. For this purpose you go into the laboratory and test the theories. In learning Magic, your mirror is your laboratory. In it see the results you accomplish. You see your wrong moves -- you see your right moves. So with every minute of practice you get nearer and nearer the right method of doing the different moves upon which the Art is based.

Take palming a coin for example. Palming is one of the fundamentals of Magic. Every time you practice it, you do it more like the man in the Profession does it. When you see the progress you make in each day's practice, you will be filled with enthusiasm -- not only because you will be able to do the trick, but because you will know palming which is used in hundred of tricks. You will find real Professional satisfaction and joy in practicing.

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