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Your left hand is extended and your right side is turned toward audience. Figure 25.

"What I propose to do is to cause the cards to pass one at a time UP my sleeve and down into my right trousers' pocket."

With right hand draw an invisible line from left hand along sleeve and down to right pocket -- merely touching outside of pocket.

"All I have to do is to click the cards and they will pass up my sleeve. This is quite similar to the way I vanish an elephant or a big bowl of goldfish and water up my sleeve. Sleeves are quite handy. If I want to produce a lady I merely shake my sleeve and a lady assistant appears. If I wish to vanish her, I say 'Hocus Pocus' and she vanishes up my sleeve again. Now, watch closely and perhaps you can see the cards go. ONE --"

Click cards with left thumb. Show right hand empty, fingers wide apart and palm of hand to audience. Reach into pocket with right hand and take out one of the cards. Throw it on nearby table or chair. Figure 26.

"Did you see it go? (Click cards.) There goes another. TWO --"

Reach into pocket after showing right hand empty. Throw second card on table.

A few spectators may have heard of palming and may think that you palm the cards in some way so whenever you can do so, show right hand empty before reaching into pocket.

"I hear someone saying to himself, 'I wonder whether those cards really do go up his sleeve and into his pocket.' Let us see."

FALSE COUNT the nine cards as ten.

"Two from twelve leaves ten. You see two cards have passed. Now again. (Click cards.) THREE

Count cards out slowly so that all will be thoroughly convinced that you have nine cards.

Fan cards again as you did in the beginning of the effect. Close fan and insert little finger of left hand to separate six cards from remaining three.

"I will ask the gentleman here to reach into my pocket himself to see whether the third card is there."

Turn your right side to audience. As spectator reaches into pocket, place right hand over cards again, PALM THE SIX TOP CARDS in right palm. With tips of fingers of left hand turn up the three cards with faces toward audience, using thumb and first finger of right hand as pivot. Figure 27.

The effect is that you have transferred packet of cards to right hand and turned it over so that audience could see face of bottom card. Audience is absorbed in watching spectator who is reaching into your pocket and may not even see this move at all.

When spectator removes third card from your pocket, take three cards in left hand again and reach into pocket with six cards palmed in right hand.

Repeat move of pushing cards into upper corner of pocket, holding them with thumb, and pulling out pocket to show that it is empty.

"You are sure, sir, that there was nothing else in my pocket?"

Gentleman responds, and you push pocket back again.

"Now watch again. (Click cards with left thumb.) Up the sleeve goes the fourth card and here it is in my


Remove a card from pocket and place on table.


Click cards. Then reach into pocket and PALM one card.

"I thought it went into my pocket but I guess it didn't."

Bring right hand out of pocket with palmed card and place hand behind left knee. Be careful always to have back of hand to audience when you are palming cards.

"It seems to have traveled down behind my left knee."

Turn hand over and bring card out, holding it by thumb and tips of fingers of right hand. Figure 28.

This effect of apparently reaching up with tips of fingers and thumb bringing out a card is an important one. Practice palming a card, moving it about to various places, and then suddenly getting it to the tips of the fingers and thumb and suddenly producing it. By pressing card against some surface, in this case, the knee, you will have no difficulty in getting it from your palm to the tips of your fingers.

"They wander around sometimes."

Click cards. Reach into pocket and take out another card. Place it on table or chair.

"That one went all right."

Click cards. Take another card from pocket and place with the rest on table or chair.

"Up the sleeve and into my pocket."

Click cards. Reach into pocket, palm card, and bring hand out.

"That's funny. Oh, I see it got stuck at my elbow."

As you say this, reach up behind left elbow and bring out palmed card with finger tips and thumb of right hand. Place card on table.

"They get stuck in the joints occasionally. How many have we left?"

FALSE COUNT the three remaining cards as four.

"One - two - three - four. Four cards remain."

Click cards and then count the three cards slowly as three.

"Please reach into my pocket and remove the card."

Assistant reaches in and takes out the remaining card in pocket.

"We now have three cards left."

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