"As I have already said, you are about to witness a most unusual experiment. No matter what happens, keep your seats, keep as calm as possible and do not become hysterical. Should an emergency occur, just let me handle the emergency and direct those who are on the platform here to help me overcome it. I say this, because one may never know what a hysterical person may do nor his or her effect on an audience. So, no matter what happens, keep calm and leave the out come to me. Magic is prepared with emergencies unknown to most people.

"I am pleased to introduce the young lady who will assist me."

Girl assistant comes forward from off stage and stands beside you.

"Miss " Call her by name.

"First I want to bind her wrists and ankles, and will ask two of you gentlemen to assist me."

Have two gentlemen help you, first binding the wrists and then the ankles. You can bind one wrist and show gentlemen how to do other wrist and ankles. You bind with one end of rope, leaving other end free.

When the tying is done, man assistant stands at girl's left and you at her right. You pick up rope attached to wrist and tie a single knot with other end so that single knot will pull up and tighten within about a half inch or so of the knots on wrist. Fig. 23. The reason for this is to allow a bit of rope to be cut with razor blade later on. Assistant does the same at same time with other wrist. Then you each fix ankle the same way. Audience thinks you are just making things extra secure.

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