"There she is peacefully resting in two pieces. She could stay this way for some time without injury, perhaps ten minutes, perhaps fifteen. However, the minutes go by quickly so let us bring her back to herself again."

You walk between boxes again. Then assistant helps you bring the two boxes together again. You pull out the slides and bring hinged doors over slots.

You stand in back of boxes, a hand on each.

Say quietly, yet distinctly:

"By the powers of magic that be, by the laws of the ancient mystic and wise, I command you to become one again. It is done."

As you say this, girl adjusts herself in position again. Pull boxes apart, say about two inches, showing girl's body. Bring boxes together again.

With large scissors or sharp knife cut the ropes on outside of box close to box, allowing outside rope and wooden pegs in knots to fall to the floor.

In this way, you apparently free the girl. She in turn gets hold of the extra rope and knots inside and hides them on her person.

You then unlock the padlocks freeing the lid. You raise the lids up, and girl stands up. The ropes are still tied around her wrists and ankles just as if she had been cut loose.

You push boxes apart, showing inside to audience.

Then help girl to floor. Take bow and applause.

Dismiss the committee, shaking hands and thanking them as they leave stage.

NOTE: To prepare for next show, it is easy to remove strips of wood at center of box and add new ones to hold the two halves together again.

"The Chinaman, the Ghost, and the Cat," a Chinese Fantasy. "The Mystery of the Three Ghosts." Watch for this unusually fascinating lesson.

The paraphernalia described in this lesson can be obtained from the Tarbell System, Incorporated.

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