"Gentlemen, this box was built by for this experiment. (If you are having local dealer build it.)

Would you be kind enough to examine it, if you choose."

Have girl step into box, back foremost and stand as in Fig. 19. PATTER:

"The ends of the rope will be run through a corresponding hole to accommodate it."

Assistant steps in box and runs ropes through proper holes while you pull them through from outside until girl's wrists and ankles are pulled tight against the box.

The right wrist is fastened last and, under cover of his back, assistant cuts the rope between extra knot and other with razor blade, and conceals blade again. This is but the work of a moment. You can vary this by changing places with man assistant and cutting rope yourself. Girl holds her wrist against extra knot and box in such a way that she is still apparently tied securely. Have a gentleman or two examine the ropes going through the box to see that everything is fair and square. This examination is superficial. You merely touch right wrist and rope, then show left wrist a little, and finally ankles.

"I am going to ask gentlemen to each hold an end of one of the ropes, but before doing so, to keep her from pulling in any rope and make her doubly secure, I will just tie a wooden peg to the outside."

Have gentleman watch you closely, and even he can tie one or two. Tie knot as near an inch or so from

box as possible.

"I think you will agree with me that my assistant is firmly held secure in the box, her ankles at the bottom and her hands much farther up. To further convince you, I want you, sir, to hold an end of this rope tightly."

Give end of rope to a gentleman to hold. In like manner give each rope to three other gentlemen to hold. Assistant brings the two table frames to rear of box and puts them in place.

You close the door of box and lock it with the two hasps and padlocks. Assistant takes rope handle at one end of box and you the other, and you lift the box with girl in it over onto the frames. If necessary, you can have one or two of the gentlemen help you.

Fig. 24 shows the box on the table frames. Padlocks face audience.

The gentlemen holding the ends of rope are each seated in a comfortable position so they can hold ropes tense and yet not screen box or operations from audience.

"Now you gentlemen holding the ropes, I am going to depend on each of you to hold tight and keep her wrists and ankles firm against the sides of the box. I had safety pegs put in for extra care, but I want you yourself to pull tight. If she moves ever so slightly, you can feel it."

NOTE: The moment box is adjusted on frames, the girl inside takes the razor blade she had concealed and cuts the rope between extra knot and other knots of left wrist with her free right hand.

THE IDEA OF THE EXTRA KNOTS IS TO PREVENT ROPES FROM BEING PULLED FROM BOX. This illusion depends on making spectators holding ropes think they still have girl tight against box when in reality they only have the extra knots against the box.

The holes in the box are only large enough to freely let the rope pass through, and will not admit a knot.

The girl reaches down and cuts the ropes at ankles in similar fashion, thus freeing herself. She places blade back in secret pocket.

When sawing commences, she has now but to pull herself up into upper part of box as in Fig. 25. This illustration shows a cross section of the box looking from above downward.

Note position of ropes and knots.

With the girl curled up in this position, the saw misses her entirely when it saws box in two at the center. There should be no loose skirts to catch or be in the way. Should skirts ever be used, be sure they are pulled up around body at this stage.


THE WAY OF THE SAW. There is no danger of being hurt if care is used.

Assistant brings in the saw and gives it to you. He should also give you a hammer. You hold saw up by one end with other one on the floor. Strike the metal at center with the hammer so as to give loud ring. By manipulating saw you can change tone into a moaning one.

Throw hammer on floor and allow saw to fall on floor with a bang.

This is a bit of showmanship to show strength and metallic nature of a real saw. There is no doubt but what it IS a saw.

"Now, is one of you gentlemen a surgeon?"

If there is one, have him stand up.

"I am mighty glad you are here. I trust you do not mind helping me perform a slight operation on the young lady."

Pick up the saw.

"I do not know, Doctor, whether you use a saw this large in your practice or not, but I use one this large as it is necessary to operate on the box as well as the patient."

Go to rear of box with saw, and place saw across the center.

"Doctor, I will ask you to take hold of the other end of the saw and help me saw down through the box. Now when we get down to the girl. I do not have to warn you to be just a bit careful."

You start the sawing. Each stroke should be slow and steady. Occasionally stop a moment and look over box to see that all is well apparently. Fig. 26.

Every time you pull the saw across the box and cut deeper, the TENSION INCREASES in the audience. This is a high spot in the illusion and you want to give the audience an emotional thrill.

When you come down to about where the girl would be, you stop sawing again and, pulling handkerchief out of your pocket and wipe your forehead. Place handkerchief back in pocket.

"Now, gentlemen holding the ropes, hold tight and dp not let anything slip. And, Doctor, just be careful of your end of the saw."

You now come down rather forcefully with saw.

As saw is drawn across the girl inside gives a shriek. You quickly let loose of saw a moment, but say to Doctor:

"Hold tight, Doctor, hold tight! Gentlemen, hold your ropes tight."

You look about the box and place your ear against the top of box right over where girl's heart would be if she were lying normally in the box.

NOTE: This is showmanship and done to work the audience up to high pitch. They do not know whether you are going to get through with it successfully or not.

If you want to inject a bit of comedy here to temporarily break the tension, have one of the spectators sitting on side of stage, but not actually assisting, suddenly get up when you saw again and run down off stage and back to his seat, or even to the rear of the theatre. This could easily be planned by posting a spectator what to do at the moment you give him signal.

You bring the saw down again.

"That's right, Doctor, be careful!"

Finally by degrees you saw the box in two and saw comes out below. You take saw and lay it on floor behind the box.

Assistant hands you one of the wooden or metal slides. You lift up one of the boards covering slot in top of box and insert the slide down into same. When it comes down to place about where girl's body would be, apparently have difficulty in getting slide to go down. So turn to gentlemen holding ropes governing that half of box, saying:

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