You have been given FREE the paraphernalia for performing this trick:

1--The Thumb Tip.

The other articles you will need are:

a-- A borrowed handkerchief (man's or woman's). b-- A borrowed burning cigarette (not over half a cigarette in length).

This week I introduce you to a clever piece of apparatus which you can use in performing many tricks. I sent it to you FREE with your steel box and other apparatus when you enrolled. No doubt you have been wondering just what it was for. It is called the THUMB TIP. It is a piece of metal shaped like the first joint of the thumb and painted flesh color.

The Tip is made to slip on the end of your thumb, but does not fit down tight. There is a space between your thumb and the end of the Tip to permit the concealing of a small object, such as a piece of cigarette, a strip of tissue paper, a piece of cloth, etc.

Now stand before your mirror. Put the Thumb Tip on your thumb. Hold your thumb sideways and you will see that the Tip on your thumb is noticeable. To keep the Tip concealed when the hand is in this position, hold your thumb naturally behind your four fingers.

Point your thumb towards the mirror and you will get the effect that your audience gets in looking directly at your hand. The Tip cannot be seen and your thumb looks natural. In this position the hand can be shown empty to the audience and they will never suspect that they are looking right at the apparatus.

A little farther on in this lesson I teach you Thumb Tip Manipulation, the methods of keeping the Tip concealed in other positions of the hand.

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