1 — A special lota. We can supply you with this. Lotas are made in a variety of shapes, but the one usually used is shaped as shown in Figure 86.

Its secret lies in the fact that it can be shown empty while secret compartment holds water. A cylindrical tube extends from the mouth of the lota to the bottom, thus making two compartments -- one inside of the tube and the other all around the lota between the tube and the outside. Inside of tube is painted dead black so that when audience sees it, it appears to be inside of lota.

Figure 87 is a diagram of the arrangement of lota.

In the bottom of the tube there is a hole, an eighth to a quarter of an inch in diameter through which secret compartment is filled. At top edge of lota there is another hole through which air enters causing enough pressure to cause water to flow from secret compartment into tube.

Figure 88 is a cross-section view of lota.


Figure 88 is a cross-section view of lota.

Figures 89 and 90 are cross-section views of lota filled with water and of lota apparently empty but with water in secret compartment.

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