1 — One red handkerchief.

One green handkerchief. Each about 12 to 13 inches square. Two other colors may be used instead, if you wish. The handkerchiefs furnished with this course are ideal for this experiment.

2 — The "Clean Cut" Color Changing Apparatus.

This consists of a small brass tube, one inch in diameter and one inch and a quarter long. The bottom and top edges are turned in a little to prevent the sliding wooden partition in the tube from falling out. The sliding partition is made of wood so that it will be noiseless in operation. The bottom of it is covered with felt so that when a silk is placed under it there will be no danger of silk catching. At one point at top of tube there are two holes, through which a piece of catgut or thread is looped. This loop is of such length that when it is placed over thumb, the tube will hang in center of palm of hand. The outside of tube is painted flesh color or black.

Figure 1 shows a cross-section of tube to explain its construction.

Figure 2 shows how the tube looks from the outside.

The tube is arranged so that if a silk is placed in the bottom end, it pushes the wooden partition to the top. Then if a silk is forced into the top end, it pushes the partition downward, causing the bottom silk to come out.

This device is built on the small dye tube and the loop principles. It enables the performer to do some clever things which puzzle even the keenest observer.

We can furnish you with this apparatus, beautifully made and complete with a red and green silk handkerchief at a very reasonable price. The apparatus alone without the silks is somewhat less.

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