For show purposes, this may be a glass of water with pieces of lemon pulp in it. If you are giving a suitcase show and cannot have a glass of lemonade, use a bottle of lemon soda pop.

Make this to fit easily over the glass and have it several inches taller than the glass, Figure 44.

3 — Two fairly large paper bags.

From these you make a special paper bag. Cut about three inches from the top of one of the bags and push this bag inside of other one so that the two tops are together. Now paste the two bags together on three sides, leaving one long side open. You have two compartments in the special bag—A and B. Make this bag taller than the glass and shorter than the tube, Figure 45.

4 — A hollowed out lemon. Take a lemon and with a fruit knife cut off the tip. With a small spoon extract all the pulp from the inside, leaving it perfectly clean. Then replace tip on lemon and secure it in place with three tiny pins. When handled right, this lemon looks unprepared, Figure 46. Place this lemon in compartment A of special bag, Figure 47.


Place glass of lemonade or bottle of pop on the table. Cover it with tube. In front of this place paper bag with hollow lemon concealed. Have ! "9;; " fruit knife lying nearby.

Figure 48 shows arrangement and relative size of the various articles.

Bag must act as screen for glass when tube is removed.

Figure 49 is a view away from audience. All audience can see is bag with part of tube above it.

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