1 — The outfit is the same as the regular Passe-Passe Bottle and Glass except that there are two shells used instead of one. The two shells fit over the bottle as shown in Figure 16.

We can furnish you with this outfit, but in ordering be sure to state that r~nj] you want the COMEDY VERSION.

2 — A special Servante to attach behind a chair. This Servante is very handy and it is durable. It can be attached to back of chair easily as

_I shown in Figure 17. Two metal bars fit over top of chair to be screwed down with thumb screws. The Servante has a lid. This makes it useful for rabbit productions for rabbit bag may be done away with. Rabbit is put into Servante and lid dropped down. When rabbit is needed, merely lift him out of Servante. It also has a clip to hold a deck of cards. Altogether, it is the handiest all-around Chair Servante we have seen. It is made of metal and is covered with black cloth. See Price List, Figure 18.

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