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Place a red silk on a blue silk and sew a small metal ring to the top corners of each. Size of ring will vary with size of handkerchiefs. It should be large enough to pass over the silks easily, and yet as small as possible so as not to attract attention. For the usual size of silks, a ring three-fourths of an inch in diameter is suitable.

A little above center of handkerchiefs sew about a two-inch line of thread, fastening the two silks together, Figure 53.

Now take lower corner of top handkerchief and pull it up through ring a little. Be sure to get sewing in proper place so that when handkerchief is folded upward in this way, the corner will extend from ring and can be easily grasped through the ring, Figure 54.

With red silk folded upward as above, fold blue silk over it lengthwise. Sew the two edges of the blue silk together almost the whole length. This prevents the red handkerchief from being exposed. Place the seam far enough out so that red silk will not bulge out too much but will lie flat, Figure 55.

Grasp tip of red silk and pull down ring, exposing red silk and concealing blue. Make seam in red silk also, to prevent blue silk from being exposed, Figure 56.

We can supply color changing handkerchief in pocket size handkerchiefs, finely made.

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