1 — A special Passe-Passe Bottle and Glass Outfit. This consists of a mechanical bottle, a shell which fits over the bottle and looks like a bottle, two goblets, and two cylindrical covers. The covers are so made that one fits over the other to facilitate packing. Figure 6 shows the complete outfit.

The bottle is so prepared that it has two compartments--one above to hold liquid and one below to conceal a glass. In bottom of upper compartment there is a hole, into which is fitted a rubber cork attached to a plunger which extends almost to top of bottle. When cork is in place liquid is kept in upper compartment. When plunger is pushed downward and cork is dislodged, contents of upper compartment flow down into glass in lower compartment. Bottle has no bottom.

Figures 7 and 8 show mechanical arrangement inside of bottle.

Figure 9 shows cross-section of bottle with shell over it.

At back of bottle and of shell is a hole through which second finger of right hand can be placed to grip glass inside. Thus when bottle is picked up, glass is carried along also, Figure 10.

Figure 11 shows hand on bottle with second finger inside of opening in shell and bottle to hold concealed glass, while performer pours liquid from upper compartment of bottle into a glass.

From audience's standpoint, the bottle is just an ordinary bottle with some liquid in it. To the performer, it is an ingenious mechanical contrivance.

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