2 -- Specially prepared hat.

3 -- Fine black silk thread.

Figure 37.

Select three cards, duplicates of which you are going to force, and thread them between four indifferent cards, as previously explained. Insert cards in the tin case in hat. Draw thread over top edge of case, across inside crown of hat, and through other side of hat. Figure 38, next page.

Pass thread through a staple on floor and off stage to an assistant, or make an arrangement for yourself to control the thread.

To Perform:

FORCE three cards, have them returned to pack and shuffled in.

Pick up hat with fingers over brim at point where case is inserted, thus concealing the arrangement. Show hat empty. Figure 39.

Replace hat on table, opening upward and prepared side squarely in front of audience. Drop the pack of cards into the hat.

Have the thread pulled and the selected cards will each rise in turn, apparently right out of the hat from the deck that was dropped there. Figure 40.

Remove each card after it has risen.

You may adapt the Patter which you have written for the previous effect to this one. Or you may write new Patter particularly suited to this experiment.

Remember in writing Patter to put a comedy touch in. This always helps to put the effect over big.

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