2 -- A special wooden frame.

We can furnish you with a frame at a reasonable price. See Price List.

The frame is 12-1/2 inches square. The edges are an inch and a quarter wide and five-eighths of an inch thick.

Figure 52 shows the frame as it looks to the audience. It appears to be just a square wooden frame with a large opening in the center. It appears to be merely something over which to stretch the handkerchief with room on the edges for tacking it down.

Figure 53 shows the actual construction of the frame. It is built so that the outside edge of the frame is left intact but part of one side slides up and down.

When a handkerchief is tacked on the frame, two of the tacks are placed on the sliding edge and the other two at the opposite end on the stationary edge, Figure 54.

The sliding bar can then easily be pushed down.

It carries the top edge of the handkerchief with it and leaves an open space through the frame, Figure 55.

Bar A can be pushed back into place when necessary and the handkerchief will be stretched tight across the frame as if it had not been disturbed. Eight thumb tacks may be used in some cases instead of four. This does not allow so large an opening but it is a good method under certain circumstances. Be careful to place middle thumb tack on bar A a little off center so that it will not penetrate the raised guide bar. Figure 56.

3 - A heavy, opaque paper envelope ~ about 14-1/2 inches wide and 13-1/2 inches long. You can easily make this envelope from manila wrapping paper. Figure 57.

4 ~ Fairly large thumb tacks.

5 — A butcher knife. Also a cane and silk handkerchief, if desired.

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