2--A pocket knife.

portion of deck except top card about three inches above lower portion. Figure 39.

Selected Card automatically falls on top of lower section. Immediately swing left hand to the left. To the audience it appears that you have just swung the cards away from the knife, separated the two sections divided by the knife, and swung one section to each side. Figure 40.

With left thumb slowly slip off top card of left packet, and as you do so, turn cards with faces toward audience so that audience can easily see selected card. Figure 41.

"The Queen of Hearts. Was that the card? RIGHT!"

You will find your next lesson very interesting as it deals with Card Magic in combination with the use of fruit. You will appreciate the clever principles you will learn:

1 -- An orange is passed around for examination and given to a spectator to hold. A card is freely selected from a deck by another spectator, who tears the card into a number of pieces and retains one corner. The torn pieces suddenly vanish. The orange is cut open, and the selected card is found in it, fully restored except for the corner held by the spectator.

2 -- Performer has a banana examined and a card selected. He says that he will cause the card to vanish and appear in the banana while the banana is held by a spectator. The card vanishes but fails to appear in the banana just then. After special communication with "The Devil," however, it appears in a most mysterious manner. This effect has a good comedy finish.

3 -- A banana is examined and peeled. The audience states the number of pieces they want the banana to fall into. Suddenly it falls apart into the selected number of pieces.


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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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