1 — A Phantom Black Art Frame and Top, to represent an altar.

2 — A large cloth, about eight feet square, with a large sun painted in the center.

This cloth may be a bed sheet with an orange-colored sun and rays painted on it — or a yellow cloth with orange-colored sun. (Or it may be just a plain white sheet., see Figure 28.

3 — A torch and pedestal to hold torch.

4 — A specially prepared back curtain or screen with a trap door in the center back at the floor.

This trap is a frame with a door in it, opening from one side. It should be made of thin wood, yet built as substantially as possible so that a person can go through it without breaking it. Upper part of frame is attached to curtain or screen and lower part is fastened to floor backstage. The two parts should be hinged together so that they can fold flat and then braced at both sides with pieces which screw on and can be removed for packing.

The opening for door should be about 24 inches wide and 13 inches high. This door is hinged so that it swings both ways and goes back to closed position when released. It is covered with the same black material as curtain or screen so that it cannot be detected when closed.

Figure 29 shows front view of trap when open.

Figure 30 shows rear view of trap with door swinging backstage.


Figure 30 shows rear view of trap with door swinging backstage.

Framework should be screwed to floor to make it substantial and prevent motion of curtain when assistant crawls through opening.

Assistants: Two girls, about the same size. One man or woman additional.

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