1 — Two Hindu costumes made alike. Each consists of a turban, false beard with mustaches attached, a Hindu coat which reaches to the floor. The sash around coat is sewed on and opens in front with opening of coat. This speeds matters in dressing and undressing.

2 — A special three-sided screen.

Any good carpenter can build this for you, following directions given here.

Make three wooden frames for three sides of screen. Hinge middle section to the two sides. Set screen up in a triangle and place a fastener on the two sides. Screen may be mounted on casters so that it can be moved easily, or it may be used without casters, as is more commonly done, Figure 22.

Now frame is covered with cloth. If casters are used, cloth must reach to the floor so that audience cannot see under screen. On two end sections of screen, cloth is put on straight. Have middle panel made of decorated cloth, gathered or pleated enough so that a slit down through the middle of it will not be seen. Cloth may be put on loose and taken up with elastic on edges of slit to allow for stretching, if desired, Figure 23.

This slit must be so made as to allow a person to go through it easily. It must then close up again so that it cannot be detected, Figure 24.

Screen may also be made of wood with two doors arranged in middle panel. These two doors are hinged inside to open inward. Doors should be fitted carefully into frame and then painted with a design so that they will look like a solid panel, Figures 25 and 26.

Two doors in middle panel are fastened together with a catch to prevent their opening before time. Two sides of screen are painted and decorated to match middle. Screen may be made into a neat and attractive piece of oriental furniture. Screen may be placed on a platform, if desired, so that audience can see under it. In this case, performer walks around edge of platform to make changes instead of walking on floor, Figure 27.

3 — A large cloth sack of opaque material, large enough to enclose a person and then tie over his head. The bag is open at top and bottom, but is basted together at bottom. To one end of basting thread a small button is attached so that it can be pulled out easily and bottom of bag opened. This is turned on inside of bag. Audience is not aware of this and believes bag to have a regular bottom, Figure 28.

4 — A piece of tape with which to tie bag. Assistants Required:

One man and one woman. Two men or two women may be used if performer does not carry an assistant of each sex with him.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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