1—Eight silks, about 13 inches square.

Four white, one pink, one red, one green, one blue.

2—A sheet of opaque paper, about 8-1/2 x 12 inches.

3—A special metal Dye Tube.

This is a brass tube, 4 inches long x 1-1/4 inches in diameter. Inside of tube is a small cup which slides from end to end. Turned in edges of tube keep cup from pulling out of tube, Figures 67 and 68.

We can supply you with tube at reasonable price.

When you receive your tube, cut out a round piece of thin felt a little larger than end of tube. Glue this to bottom of sliding cup in tube, Figure 69.

When cup is pushed down into tube, edges of circle of felt ripple around inside of tube, Figure 70.

The purpose of the felt is to keep silks from catching against edge of metal cup when it is pushed up. Tubes supplied by most dealers do not have the felt. You must add this yourself.

An emergency tube may be made this way: Make a small cardboard tube. Sew a piece of tape to the middle of each side. Loop of tape should reach from middle to near the end of the tube. This piece of tape can then be moved from end to end. The object of tape is to keep white handkerchiefs pushed in one end of tube from coming out of the other end, Figure 71.

4--A Servante for catching tube.

In Magic, a Servante is some form of bag attached to a table or chair, into which small articles can be dropped to conceal them from audience. The Servante is, of course, hidden from view, too, behind a drape, a table cover, or chair back.

An inexpensive Servante for use in this effect may be made from a sheet of heavy wrapping paper, a piece of cardboard, and a piece of cloth.

Make a bottomless box of the cardboard as shown in Figure 72. Make the width two inches and the length three inches.

Sew a piece of cloth to the cardboard to form a bag at the bottom, Figure

Crease the sheet of wrapping paper diagonally across the middle. Glue back of cardboard box just below middle crease, Figure 74.

This type of Servante will fold down flat for packing.

This Servante can be used on a card table without any drapes or table cover.


Tuck five of the silks into the tube next to the felt side of sliding cup. First, tuck in center of handkerchiefs, then the ends. Put silks in tube in this order: blue, green, red, pink, white, Figure 75.

If using a card table, place the Servante at the rear edge with top half of paper on top of table and rest hanging down. Tack cardboard to table edge with thumb-tack. Place the loaded tube across the groove of the cardboard box with white silk end toward your left, Figure 76.

To the audience it looks as though you merely placed a piece of paper on the table and that one end of it is hanging over. Two sheets of paper may be used. Sheets of newspaper may be used for attaching the Servante, also.

Place the sheet of 8 x 12 paper on table to extend over tube as shown in Figure 77.

At one side of paper, place the three white silks.

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